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I can still clearly recall what it was like to wake up with a dense fog over my head. With a repetitive cadence, each day melted into the next. The depth of discussion, the passion in relationships, and the need for personal development all felt so out of reach. It seemed as though the rest of the world was moving quickly while I was stuck in the same self defeating cycle. Can you relate?

Imagine a tiny change now—where you begin to connect the gaps you had no idea existed. a setting where people’s well-being comes first, talks have depth, and connections are sincere. This wasn’t some distant fantasy; it became my path.

🌱 Discover Small Steps Towards Big Change with Glitch Wellness 🌱

I created Glitch Wellness as a way to help me reinforce the lessons I’ve learned and to hone the tools I’ve gathered. And guess what? It’s not just for me – it’s for you too. This isn't some one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a toolbox and a sanctuary. It’s about finding what resonates with you and building on that with the support of a community that gets it.

These core values are what helped lift my dense fog and are what drives Glitch Wellness today

🔹 Showing Love: I will open myself to giving and receiving love unconditionally. 

🔹 Acts of Kindness: I will fuel my communities with acts of kindness, big or small. 

🔹 Be Open-Minded: I accept all people and cultures without judgement. 

🔹 Pursue Growth: I will plant the seeds of perpetual growth in mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s what Glitch Wellness rolls out for you:

🔹 Health Anchors: Straightforward books and products to support mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

🔹 Caring Community: We are building a vibrant community that isn’t just social – they’re about forging real bonds. We aren’t here just to celebrate superficial wins. We’ve been where you are and sometimes, you just need someone to truly believe in you.

🔹 Growth Tools: Accessible resources for personal development that can fit into your real life.

And you know what? Taking the first step doesn’t have to be gigantic.

Take the first step with me. 💌 Subscribe to the Glitch Wellness newsletter and embark on a journey where every step counts. Be part of a community that holds space for growth, connection, and holistic wellness.

👇 Your Path to Change Begins Here 👇 

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