Holy Recovery Days, Batman! - C. J.'s Superfans

Apr 08, 2020 3:41 am

What's up, superfans?! Turns out it takes me longer than I thought to bounce back from Staying up 22 hours straight to finish a book and get it turned in to my editor on time. My hubby knew I needed downtime, so he brought me to the family beach house with -GASP- no internet. I'm using the data from my phone to update you guys. Lake knows I love a good DIY project, so we decided to surprise my mom & aunt by updating the rusty patio furniture. What do you guys think?


Don't freak, though. I'm totally still trying to make progress while giving my body a chance to relax and chill. ;) And yes...I can kind of be a tease...


Lots of love,

C. J.

avatar Crystal
::squee:: you tease!! I hope you are getting SOME relaxation in!! The chair looks GREAT!! I love that color!!
avatar C. J.
Hey, Crystal! I am getting in some good relaxation days, not gonna lie. Aside from the awful nightmare I had last night, we've been getting good rest and chilling out. We just ate BBQ and we're watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery channel. We also played Clue and Yahtzee last night, which was SUPER fun. I won at Yahtzee and Lake won at Clue (because he's a ridiculously good guesser).