I Have Good News & Bad News... | C. J. Beaumont Superfans

Apr 15, 2020 2:48 am

Hey !

The good news is that Coven of Lies releases soon! I'm so excited to see what my biggest fans think of the second installment of Roxy & Ray's story.


The bad news is that, even being as meticulous (and unfortunately slow) as I am about edits, I'm not sure Amazon is going to push the correct file to you guys when it releases, and I'm kind of FREAKING OUT about that prospect. If you don't get the right file, please email ME and let me know so I can address them not pushing the right version.

I think that's enough of me freaking out for one day. I do have several exciting things in the works, but I'm not in a place where I can announce any of them just yet. I can't wait to overcome some of this perpetual exhaustion and be able to share lots of fun things with you guys on a more consistent basis!

Lots of love,

C. J.

P. S. - My bestie Jess Reece is in this AWESOME anthology that released today, and I think you guys might LOVE it. Click HERE and get your copy of Darkness Rising while the set is still just 99ยข!