Do you believe what we believe?

  • that exercise is for EVERYONE
  • that a little bit goes a long ways
  • that behaviour/habit creation must come before optimization

When John and Dan started Seven Movements they never envisioned doing it alone. In order to have the impact and overcome the sickcare industry they knew they needed to create an army of advocates to join their team.

What is the Seven Movements Ambassador Program

A network of changemakers and advocates of health and wellness who believe in, and want to be part of the the Seven Movements mission.

What is that mission?

Seven Movements is changing the game: Creating societal and cultural change around movement.  

We are changing the way people access movement and use Seven Movements to enhance their lifestyle and long term health.

Why an ambassador program?

We are trying to start a revolution in movement and exercise. Trying to change the game itself. With a big bold idea like that we cannot do it on our own. We need support from like minded players like you from across the health and wellness spectrum.

How does it work?

Changemakers apply and are accepted into the program.  

They receive their own link, access to our ambassador network, and training to invite people onto our platform.  

The Opportunity

  • Earn passive recurring income
  • Free membership
  • 45% revenue share structure for individuals Ambassadors bring on to the platform via your link
  • Revenue share of on white label selling opportunities to larger entities ( active aging communities, non-profits, workplace wellness programs)
  • Education and training
  • Access to Ambassador Network
  • Collaborate with Seven Movements on new programs
  • Inform the development of the product
  • Opportunity to apply to be a Seven Movements coach

What will make you a successful Ambassador

  • Advocates: actively bring new users onto the platform
  • Content: actively support and promote Seven Movements initiatives
  • Care: we are looking for individuals who believe in our mission and care about the people we are trying to serve- the 80%

Your Contributions

If you know us at all, we didn’t want to put up any old affiliate program and just leave it at that. Our goal is to create a community of changemakers and advocates who believe what we believe and begin changing the conversation around exercise and health.

That means we are looking for individuals who are committed to the causes and see themselves growing with us. 

  • Commit to adding 4 new users each month
  • Commit to posting, liking, and sharing Seven Movement content, supporting the development of new challenges
  • Commit to training and participating in the network

What happens next?

When you are accepted into the program you will receive an offer email that includes an invite to our first EVER ambassador training session. We are so excited to be working with you.

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