The Amplify DEI Summit 2021,

Leadership Edition

27th - 29th September 2021

Inspiring employees and employers to know,

and do better to create inclusive workplaces

In conjuncture with the #HumanizeTheWorkPlace project started and hosted by Vivian Acquah, we are beyond excited to bring to your screens the Amplify DEI Summit 2021. 

About The Event

A strong DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) mission within the workplace is one of the most important pillars for business success and employee wellness. 

The Amplify DEI Summit 2021 will feature 50+ guest speakers who will be:

  • imparting knowledge on what successful DEI is; 
  • sharing experiences highlighting why DEI is important; 
  • providing evidence on why DEI needs to be a part of the DNA of any company. 

Implementing successful DEI should not be treated like a one-night stand or as a checklist. It’s a long-term program and a never-ending commitment to making the workplace a safe and prosperous place for anyone and everyone. 

About Vivian Acquah

"I made a promise to my son Orlando. I want to help make the world a better place, starting from within the workplace.

By the time he enters the workforce, I don’t want him to deal with the same BS that I’ve dealt with when it comes to inequity. I want him to live in a world where employees and employers are inspired and inspiring and strive to create thriving work environments for EVERYONE."


Visit Vivian's Website Viva la Vive

What You Need to Know

Event date: 27th - 29th September, 12pm CET - 7pm CET

Where: Online, on the screen of your choice 

Tickets: Early bird tickets COMING SOON.

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