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Are you struggling to automate your busines? 

Do you wish there was an easier way? 

Are you still trying to work it all out manually? 

Do you want to learn how to make business easier all while freeing up your time? 

Systems and Automation are the crux of any successful leveraged business. Zapier makes this possible for small solopreneurs to large agencies alike. We've all been there, spending hours fiddling about with several tools and apps, just wishing they would do what they are meant to. Getting one up and running only to fall flat with the other, whih you know is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle. I get it, the tech headaches, the frustration, weren't these things designed to make life easier for you. Is the the whole buy back your time with automation all a big lie, because so far what you are experiencing is so consuming more of your time manually trying to get everything to work. Expending time and energy, and a lot of blood sweat and tears, well okay maybe not blood but certainly lots of sweat and tears trying to get something to work that seems impossible.


Automate Your Business With Zapier!!!

Cue Zapier.... Zapier is an online automation tool that lets you connect your various online accounts and create "zaps" between them. It connects your work apps, from lead generation to customer service, essentially getting them to talk to each other, work in tandem, freeing up your precious time by doing the heavy lifting for you so that you get more focus and less frustration.

In short, Zapier makes it easy to automate the tedious, time consuming tasks that ultimately come with being an online entrepreneur in the digital age, those mundane tasks like admin and integrations. Zapier was started in 2012 by two guys who were frustrated with the limitations of traditional web development. The goal with Zapier is to make it easy for non-programmers to connect different online services and automate tasks. And that's why I believe it should be a staple of any entrepreneurs online toolbox!

Cut down your learning curve and grab my guide to Automating Your Business the smart way with Zapier in an easy to follow manner!

Lisa x

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