User Interview Workshop Interest

This year, I'm launching some workshop to help people get better at user interview. The workshop will be online and use my brand new digital user interview cards. Participants will get access to my user interview question and follow ups cheat sheet. If you are curious about user interviews, you can meanwhile check My Expert Guide to User Interviews.

We will have some hands on practical exercises to help you:

  • build a user interview guide
  • learn how to write better questions
  • get comfortable interviewing people and asking follow-up questions
  • take notes (in case you are the note taker of the interview for a colleague)


I am checking interest for the workshop. Please subscribe to the list if you would be interested in participating in the first version.

Also, please, don't forget to confirm subscription. There's a double opt-in here, if you don't confirm, I can't send you the information later. I promise you won't get any newsletter or unrelated promotional content, this list is only used to communicate with people interested in user interview workshops.

Edit: first iteration of this workshop was done in April 2023 with condens. More will come this year.

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