Who dares tell you that you can't write a bestseller in 2021?

Is it possible to go from no-idea to fully planned bestseller in 90 minutes without a brain transplant from JK Rowling?

My Business Bestseller Canvas is my secret weapon to get your book planned and ready to go in a single day.

You may not believe that, so come join me on this free live series of Bestseller Bytes where we can do a bit of forensic investigation to learn the surprising facts about publishing a bestseller today. Because, not a lot from before 2021 is going to work today. And the scales have tilted in favour of independent authors like you and me.

In the live event let's unpack the following:

  • The one thing you can do in a single day to improve the likelihood of actually finishing your book by 200%
  • The big mystery behind writing to market and why this knowledge is imperative to hitting bestseller. 
  • The deadly mistake holding you back and how others are using this knowledge to get the results that you crave.

I'm Susan Jagannath, and I have three bestsellers on Amazon, including one published last year right in the middle of the pandemic. I also coach others to publish their books to bestseller - other coaches give you a hundred steps and 500 print books that you have to sell yourself, that's not good enough for me. I want you to publish on the platform that publishes 80% of all books worldwide, and has paid out 35 million USD in 2020 to independent authors.

Here are three authors like you who initially did not believe they could write a quality book so fast.

"I loved Susan Jagannath’s online Business Bestseller Canvas Bootcamp. We were encouraged to ‘Write to the Plan". Roy Uprichard, Camino Walker and Author

"I wasn’t sure about whether I could write a book. But now I am inspired by how doable it is using Susan’s methods." Anju Agast Srivats, Tech Founder

 "I was incredibly surprised how I was able to plan my book within days, and actually begin writing immediately." Drew Niemeyer, Health & Wellness

And I only share with a few motivated and determined souls because I only like to work with someone who wants to be a bestselling author. Is that you?

Don't let it be 2022, and you're regretting not writing the bestseller within you. Act now, and make sure you join the live events so that you can grab 2021 by the horns.