Online Course in Syntropic Agroforestry

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This will be a 3-week course.

It is a presentation-based course

via Zoom held on Sundays

Each presentation is approx.

2,5 hours long and is information-dense

and YES you get to hang out with me and ask me Questions!


The Syntropic Mindset

What is syntropy?

What is Syntropic Agriculture?

How syntropic systems differentiate from traditional farming practices.

How you can start making small changes in your life towards a more syntropic way of navigating. 

Practices, Principles & Pathways

  • Understanding the Origin of Species
  • Relevancy of Ground Cover
  • How to Maximise Photosynthesis & the benefits
  • Stratification
  • Natural succession
  • System Management
  • Synchronisation 

Post-Course Resources

  • 3 fully edited videos of the original presentations given at NewEarth Haven Bali.
  • access to a FREE library of downloadable books