Passion Breakthrough (@bizcoachdianne)

FREE Clubhouse Online Video Training

All the Tips, Tricks, & Hacks🏡 every business owner must know to jumpstart their CH experience!


Here's 10 things we'll be covering:

✅ What the heck is Clubhouse?

✅ Why is it such a hype?

✅ Why should I care?

✅ Pitfalls to watch for

✅ How can I join even if I've been waiting for months for an invite or I don't have an iOS device? (including an invite train invite for y'all)

✅ Got in, what first? (tips for maximizing your profile setup & keywords)

✅ Navigating the 'club'

✅ Followers and Followings... Is this IG?

✅ Joining a room & Hosting a room

✅ Plus more tips! Bring a notepad 📝

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