In the Flow #24 - Routines are rarely routine

Jan 15, 2021 7:32 pm

It's a cycle with ever smaller circles.

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In the Flow

I had an interesting conversation this week.

I told the story of my career, concluding that I get bored when there is too much routine. Then followed with a long description of my morning routines and how they serve me.

The person I was talking to pointed out the contradiction. "You hate routines, so you fill your morning with routines?" she asked.

I spent much of the next day thinking about this. That I need routines to ground me and at the same time I rebel against them because they restrict me.

One can't exist without the other. Novelty without routine is meaningless.

And equilibrium is a neither attainable nor desirable. When everything is perfectly balanced, you feel nothing because all contrast is gone.

Being balanced, adhering too strictly to rules we make for ourselves and clinging to narratives we adopt to make sense of the wonderful mess that is our lives, is not the point. Seeking the balance is.

That realization was very freeing.

Thank you, Zoe, for pointing out that contradiction.

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