In the Flow #23.2 - it must be December 38, 2020

Jan 08, 2021 12:57 pm

How about them resolutions?

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It must be a thing now, for everything to go screwy and feel like a continuation of 2020. This was our mini version with a half baked newsletter going out rather than the beautifully full baked one. What you have in you hand is more in line with what we intended to send you. The gods of online apps and saving progress are truly fickle.

In the Flow

It's now secret that Greg and I launched Regular Joe Coffee recently.

We thought you would find it entertaining. We peed our pants making it.

We also thought that if we are talking to so many of you building brands, we should build one too, in public, so that we're walking the walk with you.

So this is what we came up with, a coffee brand based on a poop joke. You know, because we like to have fun.

But a funny thing happens when you put something out in the world. It takes on a life of its own,

If you've listened to any of our podcasts, you know we love helping people get unstuck. And we've both observed that when we get our mornings right, the rest of the day is never quite so stuck.

Which is where a poop joke turns into an exploration of morning routines and how it can help you get the most out of your day.

A hot cup of Regular Joe helps but we think there is more that we can do.

We'll be looking to talk to many of you about your mornings. What works, what you're struggling with and which of our crazy ideas resonate with you.

So that you can get past all of those blockages.

If you'd like to share your morning routines or what you're struggling with please just respond to this email.

I can't wait to see what we come up with together.

In the Flow is brought to you by Regular Joe Coffee. More than a bag beans, it'll get your day started just right. Get some here.


On the podcast


How Darby Rollins used Kickstarter to launch SideHustle, a party game for entrepreneurs

At the end of 2019, Darby and a few of his friends in Austin TX used Kickstarter to launch SideHustle, a party game for entrepreneurs. None of them had previous Kickstarter experience, but they were able to create a winning campaign by carefully reverse-engineering what works on the platform. If you're considering a Kickstarter or would like to learn their secrets, tune in to this episode!

If you enjoyed hearing us play Side Hustle and want a copy of your own, follow the link and get 15% off. We'll even raffle off 3 bags of Regular Joe Coffee between all those that use our affiliate link.


Get a great price!

Productive Picks

Choice tools and tidbits we've curated for you from the wild seas of the internet.

Here's a really good template for writing emails. Found somewhere in the wilds of Redit shared by u/the-lah

Dear Person I am Writing To,

This is an optional sentence introducing who I am and work for, included if the addressee has never corresponded with me before. The second optional sentence reminds the person where we met, if relevant. This sentence states the purpose of the email.

This optional paragraph describes in more detail what’s needed. This sentence discusses relevant information like how soon an answer is needed, what kind of answer is needed, and any information that the other person might find useful. If there’s a lot of information, it’s a good idea to separate this paragraph into two or three paragraphs to avoid having a Wall of Text.

If a description paragraph was used, close with a restatement of the initial request, in case the addressee ignored the opening paragraph.

This sentence is just a platitude (usually thanking them for their time) because people think I am standoffish, unreasonably demanding, or cold if it’s not included.

Closing salutation, Signature

Here to always stimulate your bottom line,

Bram (& Greg)