In the Flow #25 - The inevitable surprise ending

Jan 29, 2021 9:32 pm

I know, I've been bad.

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In the Flow

More often than not, what's missing is not more information but more reps.

I saw this tweet this morning


I think he's got it right.

Too often, when something gets hard I look to learn something new rather than get better at what I already know. That's just me escaping anticipated pain.

I already know a shit ton and so do you.

So stop learning, get doing.

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Ryan Herman's success on Amazon allowed him to quit his job, but what's next?

Ryan has already had enough success selling on Amazon to quit his job. However, he isn't passionate about his existing brand and wants to create something with more meaning and impact. We discuss the market he wants to serve, his ideas for doing so, and brainstorm ways to engage with this market market right now.

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Just go here, laugh, realize how right he is.

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