In the Flow #27 - Don't do that

Feb 26, 2021 6:01 pm

No. Really. Just don't.

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In the Flow

We just finished recording our first repeat guest, Elisabeth Stone.

She'd been sitting on a bunch of content which she could productize because she dreaded the idea of customer service.

To which Greg and I immediately answered: "Just do no question asked refunds. It's a digital product, what do you care?"

That immediately took all of the heaviness away for her.

We do this all of the time, imagine a problem and then don't neutralize it with an easy solution.

Just don't do that. Take the easy way and concentrate on what you want to be doing rather than on what you dread doing.

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Productive Picks

Choice tools and tidbits we've curated for you from the wild seas of the internet.

You may have heard of The Great Courses.

They're basically University courses on just about anything you can imagine.

I like them.

I don't like paying for them though and I don't have to.

I use Kanopy, which I access using my local library card.

Check it out.

Here to always stimulate your bottom line,

Bram (& Greg)