SUMMER Sunshine NEW ❤️ Beauty for your Home

Hi What a beautiful few days of sunshine we've been having here in the UK! Finding the sunshine and nature as inspiring as ever, here are a couple of new pieces from this week - hot off the easel. I hope you like them Budgie SummerField Mouse SummerI...

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Apr 23, 2021
NEW Sunshine ❤️ Beauty for your Home

Hi The beauty, heat and healing ability of the sun draws me in and inspires me all the time... with that in mind here are a couple of new pieces I have created this week - all whilst also giving sessions to those of you who have asked for my help wit...

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Apr 16, 2021
Everyone Loves How I Was Inspired To Paint Blue Elephants

It’s interesting to watch the planet’s turn in the skies and see the influence their sound has upon the world and in my life.  I’m no expert in astrology,  it’s not my forte, but I know enough to see the changes that occur like a clock turning. And r...

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Sep 04, 2020