New Christmas Card Designs on the way, and more...

Sep 18, 2020 4:16 pm



I've recently moved email provider so my newsletters will look a little different from now on.

Here's my update for September 18th 2020...

I've been creating this years Christmas cards, already!


They'll be available for pre-order soon, I will email you when they are ready. There will be a two week window to make your orders. I will then get them printed and sent out to you by the beginning of November 2020.

Watch them being created in my studio as I go along here...

Blog: Everyone Loves How I was Inspired to Paint Blue Elephants


It’s interesting to watch the planet’s turn in the skies and see the influence their sound has upon the world and in my life.

 I’m no expert in astrology, it’s not my forte, but I know enough to see the changes that occur like a clock turning.

And round the dial the planet’s go and...

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Now is the time to Book your Family and Animal Portraits


Accepting commissions in time for Christmas now. Prices start at £48.

Have your loved ones depicted so you can remember them forever.

Find out more here...

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