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Jan 08, 2021 5:41 pm



Happy New Year to you 🙏❤ ... I hope you are well?

It's been nice to have some much needed R&R time over the holidays, I've been lucky enough to be able to switch off from the world during this time. Since getting back to my usual pace I've been working on a new project, healing related not art related, I've not had much of a chance to paint yet this year.

So for now I will share with you the start of what is unfolding...considering the recent upheavals the whole world is going through I thought I would share with you my insights for this year, 2021 (not to worry, I'll get back to showing you new arty creations soon!).

I have focussed this reading for the year on the world, split into our health and the economy month by month. It is more of a flavour than an in depth finger pointing reading - the world is a big place and this is a for the world as a whole, not just one location upon it.

If you feel like it read this through to prepare yourself for what is to come, then it won't be so overwhelming - when one is prepared then one has done their best - and that is the best we can do.

imageOriginal Painting 'Hands Across the Seas', available for purchase. Message me for details.

Fear 2021? Not If You Use this Yearly Forecast the Right Way! Read here...

Also keep an eye on my courses tab on my website, I will be opening a monthly online support call in the next week or two to help you with energy healing during this time for only £5 a month (once I've worked out all the technical stuff, there's quite a lot of that! 😊). If in the meantime you if you think this is something you may like to know more about please send me a quick message so I can register your interest.

And as always any questions please drop me a line.

Until next time ...



Elizabeth Shewan

Artist and Silversmith | Energy Healing

PS Some of you may have got another welcome email sign up letter from me today and are left confused! Sorry, that was a technical error, I'm tinkering this end, and sometimes things happen that aren't really meant to happen!

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