We fought the law.... - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #19Presented by: EPMAnnnd the law didn’t win….at least for now. The Federal Housing Finance Agency this week announced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would delay implementation of a controversial Adverse Market Refinance Fee by two mont...

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Aug 29, 2020
🔥 Blockbuster Video Sleepover! - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #18Presented by: EPMStep back into the past, pop some corn, and grab your favorite VHS with no late fees!There is a 100% chance that I would stay at this Blockbuster. Growing up going to the neighborhood video store was one of my fa...

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Aug 22, 2020
🔥 The "Middle Finger" from the FHFA - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #17Presented by: EPMLeave it to Fannie and Freddie to throw a big wet blanket on the housing market where some say it is A ‘Middle Finger’ to Struggling Families. You now have a group of 20 associations working together to lobbying...

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Aug 15, 2020
🔥 I have a fever - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #16Presented by: EPMAnd the only prescription…..is more cowbell. And by cowbell, I mean humor and fun. This year has been an absolute grind and everyone is busy beyond belief which will equal a lot of stress. Time to de-stress!...

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Aug 08, 2020
🔥 -32.9%?!?! Holy Schnikes! - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #15Presented by: AFR WholesaleDoes anyone say “holy schnikes” anymore? Well they should and in fact I am bringing it back in with this issue of TLX!As I am sure you saw posted by the numerous Facebook Economists, the Bureau of Econo...

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Aug 01, 2020
🔥 I cannot believe you Tweeted that! | The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #13Presented by: PitchHubSeriously, I am shocked! In case you didn’t see the news, Twitter had its worst targeted hack in its 14yr history. You had people like Elon Musk, Former President Obama, Bill Gates, and others sending out tw...

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Jul 18, 2020