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Nov 28, 2020 3:16 pm



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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

I am thankful for the connections, friendships, and relationships I have been able to have in this industry. I am also thankful to be a part of such an amazing industry that allows us to do what we do for a living. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

And finally I am thankful for the leaders, influencers, and producers who came together to contribute to this very special Thanksgiving edition of TLX! Enjoy!

This Week’s Mortgage X Tip!

Be Thankful and Grateful! The end.

Laura Brandao, President of AFR Wholesale

I have so much to be grateful for in 2020, first and foremost my family and this includes my client partners that entrust me to assist them in bringing their families home.  This year has shown me that as long as you have a strong tribe nothing seems impossible because everything is possible.  The year started off with our first AIME Women’s Mortgage Network Summit in Irvine CA and throughout 2020 I have been blessed with connecting, growing and being inspired by this incredible group of women.   I am sincerely grateful for my  AFR team that had the strength and unity to  reach levels far beyond expectations.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and may we all remember that every day is a gift so share yourself and your kindness with the world.


Dawar Alimi, CEO of Lender Price

I'm thankful for having such great employees, wonderful friends, a loving family, and amazing mortgage industry colleagues. With the pandemic, I have not had the pleasure to see many of them face to face. I'm looking forward to the time we can spend together in person.


Barry Habib, Dan Habib, Diana Bajramovic, and Megan Anderson of MBS Highway


At MBS Highway, we’re thankful for our health, family, friendships, teammates, and especially, our family of subscribers.  We are also very thankful for the many thousands of mortgage professionals that decided to take the next step in their career by becoming a Certified Mortgage Advisor.


We are grateful every day that our industry has been able to do so well during these challenging times.  We are thankful that each day brings an opportunity to help families improve their financial position and realize the dream of homeownership.


All of us at MBS Highway wish you and your families a safe, healthy, and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Christine Beckwith, President of Vision for Success Coaching

I am thankful for every single soul that has come to my table. This year has taught me how much we are all connected in life, in time, in each other's story and in ways that still prove our god given purpose is what in the end will always fill our cups. Despite this years struggles and strife, fear and frustration I am humbled and grateful by the bounty we clearly also are beholden.

Brian Vieaux, President of FinLocker


I am strangely thankful for the now 9+ month quarantine. I suspect that most of the readers of this newsletter have more than made the most of this extended “once in a lifetime” experience.   

Being grounded from business travel has allowed me to be uber focused on our business here at FinLocker.  On a personal note I have been able to build healthy habits including getting some much-needed daily exercise. Without the distractions of conference travel, client visits, etc. we went all in on advancing our product.6 months ago, I would have told you that I would be fine with 2020 ending (in June) and just immediately moving on to 2021 if it meant we were going to return to “business as usual”. 

Today I would tell you that I will never trade 2020 for what it brought me and our company. It will prove to be a launching pad for FinLocker and for that I will be forever thankful. Sometimes you really do need to make lemonade from lemons. I hope that everyone has a restful Thanksgiving and is ready to close out the year strong.

Eddy Perez, CEO of EPM

In reflection of 2020, I’m thankful that through the struggle of humanity that everyone is coming together for the betterment of others. Fortunately, this moment has given us an immense opportunity to work towards solutions to fix the past so we all move forward together as ONE. 

Jess Vogelpohl - Southwest Coaching

Things I forget to be grateful for that freaking rock:

  • When you meet someone new and you realize they’re just as sarcastic as you!
  • That look you give your partner or friend from across the room when something ridiculous happens but you want to be low-key judgey!
  • Cancelled plans when you didn’t really want to go anyways!
  • That moment of drinking water when you’re beyond thirsty and it leaks onto your chin - but you leave it there because that’s how satisfying it was!
  • When someone tells a story and it is so funny they can’t finish it without cracking up!
  • When you embark on a Pinterest project or recipe and it actually turns out!
  • When someone puts the toilet paper on the right way!
  • Bonus fries at the bottom of the bag!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anthony Casa - Mortgage Executive & Broker Advocate


I am thankful that at its core our industry is a PEOPLE business. The biggest issue industry participants are facing this year is capacity which is about “people”. This makes the importance of a strong company culture and investments in people development the biggest competitive advantage we can have. 


Fobby Naghmi - EVP, National Sales Mgr of First Option Mortgage

As I look back at 2020, I honestly could not write down all the things I am grateful for in the space allotted to me.

I’ve had the honor to meet with so many wonderful people, both in my personal and my business life. I’ve had a few moments throughout the year where I was given clarity on certain issues that have dogged me for years.  A miracle spinal surgery that has given my wife a new lease on life.  During a pandemic,  we were able to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday and my mother’s 82nd birthday.  The fact that both my kids are amazing and healthy.  I could go on and on.  

But as I thought about this past year and I began to really see each event as it had occurred, day by day, week by week, month by month, I went to a place within myself and it hit me: I am truly grateful to be able to feel the simple pleasure of being grateful every day.

Ginger Bell

When I look back on the past year, the thing I am most thankful for is community.  Even though we are not able to be connected physically, we are connected as a community and I have seen our communities grow in numbers, but also get very small and hyper focused and connected.   It is through these communities; be them friends, family, work associates, business partners and social leaders, that we are able to change, grow and continue to be strong.  These communities are what have helped me to continue to be positive, and connect in a time when others have withdrawn.  And even though we cannot be together physically, we are together as communities.

Jamie Cavanaugh, COO at AMERIFUND

This year has brought us so much uncertainty and we've had to adjust our way of living, working and interacting with one another. Now more than ever I appreciate my family most of all - but also my friends, my amazing team at the office and the mortgage community who has embraced and supported me in so many ways. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie Sweeney, EVP Strategy at AIME

In a year filled with so much uncertainty, I find myself especially grateful for the constants that are sometimes overlooked. The health of my family, the spirit of my team, the happiness of my friends, and the grit of the AIME community. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to be challenged that 2020 has brought us all, pushing our ingenuity and tenacity to places we may not have gotten to without a little encouragement.

Dave Savage, CEO of MortgageCoach

I'm grateful for being in the mortgage space because of the good we can do for families and the local communities we serve. I'm also thankful for all the amazing mortgage professionals who share their best practices and ideas to elevate our industry and help each other.

Andrew Pawlak

I'm thankful for the amazing support I have from my wife to continue pursuing my dreams, and being able to do what I love.

Shane Kidwell, Sean Zalmanoff, Kenneth Travis, & Kellen Vaughan,

Next Level Loan Officers

What a crazy and tumultuous – but also lucrative and humbling – year 2020 has been. While so many people in our country and world have had their lives turned upside down, it can be easy to lose sight of the good things that happened this year. This year was a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

If we pause for a moment and take note of our year, we realize how much we truly do have to be thankful for. The mortgage industry saw record setting volume. This mortgage market changed lives for the better and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people improved their financial situation by refinancing their mortgage. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Loan Officers made more money in 2020 than ever before in their career. As Loan Officers, we provide homeowners the American Dream – something we shouldn’t take lightly. Instead, we should be grateful and honored to be blessed with the skills and ability to serve our fellow Americans. 

Here at Next Level Loan Officers, we’re thankful this year for our amazing members. It’s been such a blessing to watch their growth and development throughout 2020. We’re also incredibly thankful to our mortgage clients (we’re not just coaches but originators, too!). Without our mortgage clients, creating Next Level Loan Officers would never have been possible. 

Marc Summers, President of AIME

“This year, I am incredibly thankful for everyone on the AIME team, lending partners who help brokers continue to grow, and of course, my family.”

Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG

I'm thankful for ALL the hard working professionals helping put borrowers in homes and building our communities together. Also very thankful for the FED and their ZERO interest rate policy!

Cindy Ertman, Mortgage Coach at Founder of Mortgage Master Pro

I am so thankful for the opportunity that mortgage professionals have had to serve more families this year.  Despite the obvious challenges during this last year, we have been so blessed as an industry and I have been so blessed personally as a mortgage coach to have the opportunity to serve so many leaders. 

Supporting the growth of others is my passion and to have the opportunity to expand my client base this year, while so many others lost jobs and livelihoods, I am in deep gratitude and thanks for the opportunities that have unfolded this year and the great opportunity to help people reach their true potential. I am most thankful for my treasured family, children and valued friends and wish you a cherished, happy and healthy holiday season!

Kevin Ducey, President of WhiteboardCRM

I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to work for an industry that helps people accomplish the American Dream if owning a home. My customers always talk about number of families served instead of units sold and that’s truly something to be thankful for. 

Scott Harris, CEO of SocialSurvey

I am thankful mostly for family, friends, co-workers and great customer partners. I am also extremely thankful to be a part of the mortgage industry right now. In the middle of a global pandemic and a messy political environment everyone in our industry continues to thrive.

Dave Sims, CEO of Floify

I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made in the mortgage industry and for the opportunities to learn more about their families, their businesses, and what’s important to them. 

Kimber White, President of NAMB

I'm thankful even more this year for my health, family, friends and my career. As we know 2020 has been challenging to many that can not be as thankful. I'm thankful that I can give back by volunteering and serving in an industry that has given so much to me.

Lauren Patterson, President

Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals

This pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and lifestyle shifts gave me (ok possibly forced me) to pause, take a deep breath, and think about; my life, my family, my clients, my relationships, my dreams, my shortcomings, and my passions…

I’m grateful for all of the experiences that have transpired and also for all of the opportunities 2020 has created for us to be there for, and to help, and give back to so many others around us.

Michelle Dugan, Broker Owner of MS Lending

This year I am thankful for my precious family, a career that I love, and the greatest friends! I’m incredibly grateful to have found so much inner peace and happiness this year despite the chaos and storms that 2020 gave us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris Griffith, Founder of VettedVA

This year what I am most thankful for, is my community.

A year of fear and Isolation is probably how many will remember 2020 decades from now-but me? It will go down as a time when my community banded together differently.

2020 saw Social communities flourish hoping to maintain the unity and camaraderie we have all enjoyed until Social distancing isolated us.

New relationships were created, ideas were shared, and we all grew together in a different way-without geography as a barrier to our neighborhoods-but in a way we have all now realized is just as 'real' as living beside each other.

Community connects us and establishes Hope, isolation divides us and perpetuates fear.

We still have a choice. 2020 proved it. I am Thankful.

Jackie Dunlap, Broker Owner Next Generation Home Loans

I am so thankful for a growth mindset and for the MANY people that brought into my life. I am so grateful for the wisdom thy have poured into and over me in 2020. I wish that for everyone in pursuit of their best self, best life and success journey!

Amorette “Moe” Hernandez, Broker Owner of Arizona Lending Specialists

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. We’ve grown into a strong team of four and I thank God everyday for them.

I’m also thankful for the journey of my business. The highs I’ve experienced have shown me what I’m capable of and the lows have shown me those moments are temporary.

This business has blessed me with the availability of being present for my family and the flexibility of earning and building a business while on the path of motherhood.

I’m truly thankful for every opportunity I have, each opportunity is a moment for me to learn, earn, grow and sow. Thank God 😊

Benjamin Norton, CTO of PitchHub

I have gratitude that this year gave my wife and I time to think about priorities and values while the noise of daily life was reduced. For us, what was to the top was being close to family and to nature.  We were able to take action on that by moving to a place would never would have considered before, and now we are seeing our quality of life rise upwards. 

I hope you enjoyed TLX #32 and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!