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Jul 11, 2020 2:06 pm




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Absolutely nobody! Of course that isn’t my opinion, but that of “Personal Finance Expert” Suze Orman. Her Facebook post (as seen below) made the rounds this week in the industry groups which of course received its due attention in the comments. 


This is the problem when people with huge audiences, like the mainstream media, talk about topics in which they are not experts. Consumers rarely do any research on their own leaving all of us industry professionals, the true experts, holding the bag. 

My friends, it is time for everyone to get off the fence and start putting out content based on YOUR EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE and make it louder than those that have no business talking. We, as an industry, have stayed on the sidelines for far too long and it is time to get rocking. 

Remember that the pundits and talking heads hate us because they ain't us. With that we have some solid content for you in this week's TLX. Enjoy!


Say Yes Every Day 

This week Say YES to doing something that scares you a bit every day? Why? We have all settled into a “new normal” and this is creating a sense of routine, but we actually thrive more by challenging ourselves and creating a bit of fear of the unknown. So this week step into the unknown because your “thrive” is just on the other side of survival. - Laura Brandao

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The News X Recap!

I have to start off with KP’s LinkedIn Video titled The pandemic is over! A deep dive together on this contrarian view analyzing math and facts. As a fellow contrarian, I enjoyed this video. 

“Shark Tank” investor Robert Herjavec said Thursday he believes the coronavirus pandemic has shifted attitudes about city living and that we will see the biggest exodus from cities in 50 years

You want a Jumbo Refi at Wells? No worries. Just make sure you have at least $1 million in balances. This is up from a previous level of $250,000, according to people with knowledge of the policy.

Speaking of Wells Fargo, congratulations to Kristy Fercho who was just tapped to lead Home Lending for the bank. This was a great hire by Wells in my opinion, and Kristy’s track record and qualifications speak for themselves. 

As a former Californian, I can say that “California will always California” when given the chance. Even though the CCPA just went into effect this year, it looks like they now may pass a second privacy law by year’s end. It’s called the California Privacy Rights Act and it’s basically the CCPA on steroids. I am sure this won’t cause any undue burden on businesses. 

There will be ZERO participation trophies given out in this Weekly Sales Meeting with Anthony Casa & Rene Rodriguez.

And my my man Scott Schang has been crushing it with CARES Act and Forbearance information. Check out his YouTube Playlist Questions & Answers About Mortgage Forbearance, Payment Deferment, Buying or Refinancing after COVID-19 and the CARES Act

The Vieaux

It has been 130 days since I stepped off a flight returning from AIME Activate in Irvine. That was my last trip prior to being relegated to my home office. I have spent the last 2+ decades logging over 100,000 miles a year of business travel and this current stretch is by far the longest that I have gone between business trips or any travel for that matter. It took about a month for me to get comfortable with being grounded but I feel like I have settled into a new normal.  

I must admit I am not really missing the grind of travel. While I do miss the face to face (or glass to glass) interaction with industry colleagues, I’ve been able to establish new routines including a daily workout or walk, which I would have found excuses to skip when traveling. More time at home with my family has been a positive as well. But I have found myself sliding into longer days of work, which often start at 6am and end with finally shutting down well into the evening. I spend stretches of the weekend engaged with some work-related task or project as well.  

With less distractions (no sports), I am curious if others have found their “time at work” to be greater now than prior to the significant restrictions we have been faced with. I would love to gather some feedback from all of you and share the results here next week. 

Shoot me an email to brian.vieaux@finlocker.com with Subject Line: New Normal and respond to the questions below:


  1. Do you plan to maintain your current work from home routine, including limiting travel once the Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease? 
  2. Do you find yourself working longer days now than prior to Covid-19?

Look forward to seeing your responses!

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Mortgage X Loan Officer & Agent of the Week!

Amorette “Moe” Hernandez - Arizona Lending Specialists


Moe is a wife, mother and mortgage broker, who has enjoyed the journey of all her titles over the last two decades. She loves to help her clients on their homeownership journey, while also helping her team grow! She says it’s easy to ALWAYS find something to be grateful for!

Mel Johns - EXP Realty


Mel Johns is one of the fastest rising REALTORs© in the Virginia Beach area. Mel created a specialized referral-only niche in the industry by serving our Military brothers and sisters around the world with sight-unseen purchases. She leverages technology and data analytics to provide detailed walk-throughs, home valuations, and brutally honest assessments.  

The Vendor X-Pert of the Week

This week we are highlighting Mortgage X partner, WikiRealty

WikiRealty helps Loan Officers with a few things that are important to getting to the consumer first. WR will create hyperlocal SEO focused article content, run Facebook ads, act as a conversation concierge with leads, and provide local real estate search on the brokers WR profile page. Highly recommend you give them a look!

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Web X of the Week

NMP: Mortgage Leadership Outlook with Laura Brandao


Laura is such an amazing leader and positive force in the industry. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, please make sure to check out this interview hosted by Andrew Berman of NMP. 

Introducing Doctor X

Excited to have my friend and Author, Doctor Gregory Charlop join TLX as a new contributor! Check out his first contribution to The Letter X below!

Ready to go to restart sports? Here are the six things we must do.

If you’re anything like me, you’re itching to go to a ballgame. But, is it wise? According to the Texas Medical Association, attending in-person sporting events is riskier than flying in an airplane, shopping in the mall, or going to the movies. What?? Find out the six things we must do before we enjoy our favorite sports! - Gregory Charlop, MD

Voice X

What we are listening to - Presented by REAL Disrupt

Positively Charged Biz - Dr. Lois Frankel

Next Level Loan Officers - Adversity Breeds Creativity w/John Smith

The Confident Closers - How do you Confront Life or Death Challenges?

Culture Matters - Tami Bonnell: Do it for You

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Mortgage 75x - 75x-2: Let’s get REAL about becoming a Top Producer

Marketing Interrupt - DotCom Secrets Recap - The Secret Formula Part One

Meme of the Week

This is courtesy of Chris Burleson. 


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Pathfinder X Marketing

Tip of the Week: The 7 Figure LO

This week’s tip comes from Adam Stephens of Reach Home Loans

“What's up Jason. I saw your latest podcast topic (75x Top Producers) and figured I'd share this whitepaper I wrote w/ya. I was bored when we first started quarantining so I figured I'd outline our business model. I've always been curious as to how all of the top producing LO's are set up and wanted to start by showing others our model. Hope your audience enjoys it!”

You can download the awesome whitepaper below:

The 7 Figure LO: A Behind the Scenes Breakdown of a Highly Functioning Team

Are You Hurting Your Turn Times Without Knowing It?

During these times when lenders are slammed, it is SO important to remember that when you or your processors submit docs in a slipshod manner, you are hurting your own turn times without knowing it. No matter how good the lender is, when files aren't named, when files aren't parsed, you are adding extra work which means extra time. Stack the deck in your favor.....make it easy for the receiver to identify, place, and move your file along in the process. It is a Win Win for all!

- Colin Treend, Head of CF Wholesale

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