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Jun 27, 2020 2:16 pm




Tulsa Oklahoma! A state that has a lot of meaning to me as I am a member of the Choctaw Tribe. Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". But changing colors to GREEN you can find about the $10k Tulsa Payment in the News X section below. 

It is hard to believe that July is almost upon us and we are rolling into the second half of 2020. Although it seems like the world stopped moving forward since March, things are continuing to move upward and onward in our industry. We really have been fortunate to be in the position that we are. 

Continuing that thought, I gave a talk to a mortgage sales team on Wednesday and one of my messages to them was this: 

When you are having a bad day remember this. We work in one of the few industries where when we do our jobs right, we can change a generation. Not only are we helping someone achieve their dreams of homeownership but we are also helping them lay the path towards generational wealth. Don’t ever forget that you are and will be essential to your community. 


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Say Yes Every Day 

Are we wearing your “busyness” as a badge of honor? Being busy is a choice we make. When we choose to cultivate space in our daily routines we get a life filled with purpose, productivity, and peace. This week – say YES to getting “unbusy”. - Laura Brandao

The News X Recap!

Tulsa looked at the long-term remote working trend and saw an opportunity to grow its population. Tulsa Remote is paying $10,000 to 250 people to move there to work remote. Any takers?

This week there was a lot of discussion about the CFPB Addressing the impending GSE Patch Expiration. The CFPB estimates that approximately 957,000 mortgages would be affected by the expiration of the patch, with many of these loans either not being made or being originated at a higher price.

Get Ready for ‘Mother of All Bidding-War Seasons. How the Pandemic Has Changed What Home Buyers Want.

Coronavirus mortgage bailouts suddenly swell as homeowners face new struggles.

Are All Forbearance Programs Covered Under the CARES Act? Let’s hear what Scott Schang has to say. 

Where are Americans the most at risk for eviction? Thanks to Chuck Cowan for sharing that earlier this week on Facebook. 

Are you a coach or a player and digging into ethos, pathos, logos from the Weekly Sales Meeting with Anthony Casa and Rene Rodriguez. 

The Vieaux

Excited to have Brian Vieaux as a contributor to TLX. Below is his first addition. 

“Step out of your comfort zone”

This is a phrase that I had used countless times while managing a team, during a mentoring session and even as a high school football coach. It often just rolled off my tongue, with little thought as to how truly challenging it can be to do. I now have a newfound appreciation for the risk takers that have left the “paved path” to pursue a vision or dream.  

A year ago, I left a 27-year career in mortgage production management, placing a bet on myself and a startup named FinLocker. There have been good days and not so good days, but the journey is truly rewarding. 

I am learning new things everyday and enjoying the process. My message today is for anyone who is contemplating a change. If you believe in yourself and your business idea and have the stomach to withstand some tough stretches, I say you should” Go For It”! - Brian Vieaux

The Social X Factors!

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Instagramer - Kenneth Travis @kennethtravisteam


Facebooker - Delaney Bravo @BeHomeWithBravo


YouTuber - Ryan and Jessica Ehler @TheEhlerLendingTeam


LinkedIn’er - Anthony Casa https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonycasa/


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Mortgage X Loan Officer & Agent of the Week!

Chris Griffith - Debt Does Deals & Vetted VA


There is no greater advocate for Veterans in the housing industry, than Chris. He leads by example and we are lucky to have him in the industry.

Marissa Ambriz - Alta Realty Group


Marissa has mastered social media to connect and engage with people. She also has used her social media acumen to create an awesome brand on YouTube around women’s fashion. 

The Vendor X-Pert of the Week

This week we are highlighting Mortgage X partner, FinLocker


FinLocker is perfect for showing your clients that you are invested in their long-term goals by giving them a secure online resource to protect and manage their financial future. If you want an amazing tool to help create customer lifetime value, FinLocker is it! 

For more information you can use this link to schedule a demo. You will receive the Mortgage X discount when you sign up!

Web X of the Week

MortgageCoach: Ideas To Create Wow At Your Next Zoom Event


Dave Savage, Rene Rodriguez, and Muddy Schlegel talk about the purpose of creating wow in your business, especially in our world of online events. 

Voice X

What we are listening to - Presented by REAL Disrupt

Positively Charged Biz - Jen Du Plessis

Laugh, Lend, and Eat - Dani Hernandez, Ask The Underwriter / The DACA Borrowers

Next Level Loan Officers - Having Laser Focus Control Over Your Business w/Nash Paradise

The Confident Closers - How do you Confront Life or Death Challenges?

Culture Matters - There is No Such Thing as a Born Salesperson

Mortgage X - The Confident Closer w/Ana Maria Sanin

Marketing Interrupt - Using Video to Grow Your Brand & Business w/Alan Christian


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Pathfinder X Marketing

Tip of the Week: Be dynamic with your marketing!

Things move quick and change by the minute. If you stay static & stale you will not remain relevant to your audience. Instead be dynamic with your marketing by keeping up with the trends and adjust to the interests of the consumer. 

This Week’s Giveaway

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