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Aug 15, 2020 2:16 pm




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Leave it to Fannie and Freddie to throw a big wet blanket on the housing market where some say it is A ‘Middle Finger’ to Struggling Families. You now have a group of 20 associations working together to lobbying to get this "refi tax" reversed.

To add a little levity situation it is always interesting to see reactions in the Mortgage Facebook Groups when any market changes affect rates. 😉 😂


But! I have seen MLOs do great when rates were north of 4%, in the 3’s, and more recently in the 2’s. You can only control the things YOU CONTROL and the refi tax is not one of them. Keep doing your thing, BUT make sure your voice is heard by taking action with the Mortgage Action Alliance. Change starts with YOU!

If you don’t participate then don’t complain. We have seen lobbying efforts make a difference!

Last week I mentioned I had a big announcement job wise and without further ado, I am excited to announce that I have joined EPM as their Chief Strategy Officer. 


Very excited to join this new leadership team to build something different. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages and made comments on social media this week. I appreciate it! NOW, let’s get on with this week’s issue of TLX!

Say Yes Every Day 

This week say YES to listening!  Did you know that we only “truly” listen to 45% of what we hear?  Why?  The main reason is because we are thinking of our response before the other person has even finished their thought so this week truly listen, pause and then respond.  You will be amazed at how much more of a connection you feel with the other person.  - Laura Brandao

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Keep Your Purchase Clients Engaged

With such low rates, refinance volume is through the roof and is taking up most of your time.  Be sure to continue keeping your purchase clients engaged in the home buying process.  You can easily do this by providing market and real estate data for their local market to show the value of and opportunity in homeownership.  It’s important to let them know that purchasing a home is an investment and that they’ll make their money back with the strong market we have and will continue to have.


Hot appreciation can be a leading factor in the decision to purchase a home. 



Work together with your referral partner to show how much more harm than good delaying your purchase does.


The News X Recap!

Outdated and Mortgage go together like PB&J which is why it is no surprise to learn that COVID-19 has exposed the cracks in mortgage modification reporting

Staying right here with COVID, we are seeing that the pandemic has been harder on millennials, who are already indebted and a step behind on the career ladder from the last financial crisis.

Even with the cloud of uncertainty we are seeing no stop to the hot housing market. Demand is such that consumers are having Home Inspections waived amid the intense Bidding Wars! With the housing industry’s supply and demand gap ever-widening, the housing shortage is soaring along with the season’s temperatures. 

If you are ever in a bidding situation the Hartford Courant gives you the Tactics for surviving a bidding war. Be prepared to kick it into high gear!

Speaking of gears, do you know what grinds my gears? Sellers & Agents who discriminate against vets. My man Scott Schang writes that “There is a very disturbing and ugly pattern of discrimination against Veterans trying to qualify for their VA Home Loan Entitlement that happens in the real estate industry and that must change.”

Speaking of disturbing, I don’t think this is what the priest meant by In sickness and in health

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Marketing Interrupt 



One thing that I am really looking forward to working at EPM is getting involved in the ESPORTS community via our sponsorship of Sanguine Esports.

There is a reason Quicken entered this realm of entertainment and it is simply because of the growth and the demographics. I am excited to watch this awesome team with a great story move up the ranks! Shout out to Ginger and Blaine Bell for championing Esports in the Mortgage Industry!

And speaking of Ginger Bell, I am excited to announce that she will become a regular contributor to The Letter X!


Ginger just launched the Edumarketing Video Planner. You can check it out here!

The Power of EQ

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