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Jun 20, 2020 2:01 pm




Happy Saturday! I am excited for this issue of TLX because we are trying a new format and adding some extra spice! Make sure to read to the end to see if you won a free copy of Alec Hanson’s book, Bypassed. 

Win $50! - You will notice that at the bottom of this issue you have your own personal referral link for sharing TLX with others in the industry. I will be holding a contest for the most referrals each month and the reader who has the most signups will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


I appreciate those that have shared, read, emailed, and commented since I started TLX. Your continued support keeps me motivated to make sure TLX stays relevant and fun. Now let’s get into today’s issue!

Say Yes Every Day by Laura Brandao

Finding the greatness inside of you is the first step saying, “YES”, but how do we identify what our greatness is?

For me, it was to listen vs hearing.  All of my life, I’d heard people say how energized they felt after spending time with me, but what they were saying to me was that I had a gift that they received – my ability to impart my enthusiasm and energy onto others was appreciated – and needed!  Once I started to listen to what others were sharing with me about my gift – my willingness to grow with it became a passion for me.  

What do others share with you?  Are you told you’re curious?  Perhaps they’re telling you that your curiosity is due to your creative mind that seeks out variations to what is in front of you. Be fearless in tapping into your greatness!

The News X Recap!

A big victory for the mortgage industry as AB 2501 fails on the California Assembly floor

Research shows that the Pandemic has forced more renters and homeowners to make late monthly payments

In what should be no surprise to most in the industry, Freddie Mac’s chief econ says the current low rate trend is around to stay.

Is Instagram your jam? Check out this latest article from two of my favorite Instagram Agents as they talk about the 8 things they love about “The Gram.”

Why buy a house when you can buy an entire town? Check out this list of towns and villages that you can own today! Frazierville is a great name just in case you’re looking for ideas. 

And it wouldn’t be a TLX without sharing the latest Weekly Sales Meeting from Anthony Casa and Rene Rodriguez. 

The Social X Factors!

This is a new section where we will feature one of the top X Factors on social media on each channel. Make sure to connect and follow these awesome peeps! Let them know they were featured on The Letter X!

Instagramer - Michele Bellisari @themichelebee


Facebooker - Neel Dhingra @neelhomeloans


YouTuber - Caton Del Rosario @catondelrosario


LinkedIn’er - Raquel Borras https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-borras


If you would like to nominate someone please send an email to frazier@marketinginterrupt.com

Mortgage X Loan Officer & Agent of the Week!

Chastity Graff - Mortgage Broker @ LA Lending, LLC


Chasity is one of my favorite people to follow. She is real, funny, and hustles day in and day out. A true mortgage professional. 

Sue “Pinky” Benson - REALTOR at RE/MAX Realty Team


Sue is THE Pink Lady of Real Estate! Sue is just an overall awesome person and has been crushing it on video, while building a tremendous personal brand in Naples Florida. 

The Vendor X-Pert of the Week

Each week I will profile a service provider/vendor in the industry who I think is doing a tremendous job in helping local industry professionals grow their business. 

This week we are going to highlight Whiteboard CRM!


The only mortgage CRM built for the independent mortgage expert! Whiteboard is built exclusively to accelerate lead management, partner relationships, team production, and revenue growth. If you would like to check it out you can use this link to schedule a demo and receive a discount on services. 

Web X of the Week

Yes, I know we are ALL webinar’ed out, which is why I pick one to highlight so if you missed them all you can at least catch one that I think you will find interesting. 

Mortgage Leadership Outlook: Kristy Fercho


All of the daily changes with the state of the industry can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Need some help processing what is happening right now?

Voice X

What we are listening to - Presented by REAL Disrupt

Positively Charged Biz - Jeff Brown

Laugh, Lend, and Eat - Tony Thompson, Founder of NAMMBA / Seeking inclusivity for all

Charlotte Real Estate Buzz - Expectations of Success with Holly Kimsey-Evans

Next Level Loan Officers - You Have to be Coachable w/Mack Humphrey

The Marketing Trench - Growing Your Business Through Video & Storytelling With Chris Kwon

Blondes Have More Funds - Let’s Talk About Divorce

Culture Matters - Chase Lenfest: The Community is Only as Strong as the People

Mortgage X - Don't Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There w/Michael Hammond

Marketing Interrupt - Customer Service is the New Marketing w/Steven Cooley


In honor of Father’s Day why not enjoy an awesome Dad Joke, courtesy of Captain America.


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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Finally, here are the winners of a free copy of Alec Hanson’s book, Bypassed. 

Felicia Saucier - MLO at AnnieMac Home Mortgage

Yvette Garay - Sr. Mortgage Loan Consultant at United Wholesale Lending

Congratulations on winning a free copy of this awesome book!

Don’t forget to use your personal referral link to sign up more people in the industry to TLX and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. I hope you enjoyed TLX #9 and I wish you a wonderful weekend!