Kick Ass Challenge #0003

Nov 22, 2020 4:18 pm

Hey there,

First off, just a quick thanks to Steven Chien (COLLABx Founder) and Dru Riley ( Founder) for jumping on a call with me last week to brainstorm. There are some awesome, unique challenges lined up ahead submitted by the community to share with you. So stay tuned.

With that, let's move onto this week's challenge:

🎯 Category

  • Personal Growth

👊 Challenge

  • Read that book on your "to-read" list for at least 10 minutes 3x in one week (any format accepted, e.g. e-book/audiobook/physical)

📢 Submitted by

  • In his own words, Paul Maguranis is "a burly (fat) nerdy guy who loves friends/family, beer, gaming, wood working, having a good time, and OF COURSE bbq-ing"

😎 Why this challenge?

  • Reading can alleviate loneliness and inspire us (read more)
  • Reading can help jumpstart that new business idea you're dreaming about (read more)
  • For just a few minutes a day, reading can help relieve stress, improve memory and open perspectives (read more)

🔗 Resources

  • Goodreads (book reviews, find new books/best sellers)
  • Overdrive (free audiobooks & e-books)
  • Notion (write notes, save books, highlight quotes)
  • Local library

🔎 Proof


🏆 Reward

  • $20 Amazon gift card to 3 kick ass challenge winners
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  • Challenge #0002 extra entries now available

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