👊 Kick Ass Challenge #0007

Dec 20, 2020 4:41 pm

If you thought last week's challenge was tough, get ready for this one 😎


This week's challenge:


Perform 108 yoga sun salutation traditions (example here)

Submitted by Joe Pace, Founder of WaggaBelly

🔎 Proof

  • Take a picture or video performing a sun salutation (submit here)
  • Can't do 108 salutations? Do 10 and that'll be accepted too.

❓ Why

  • Awesome way to improve flexibility, increase blood flow & relieve stress
  • Doesn't require any expensive equipment or tools to get going
  • Can be done right at home, at any time, and for just a few minutes per day

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Now go kick ass 👊

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Kick ass,