How do you set boundaries at work?

Nov 05, 2023 11:01 pm


Happy November!

In today's age, most of us may use our personal phones for work purposes. We link our email apps to our work email, we download Slack and Teams to stay updated with work chats, and we sync our office calendar to keep track of our meetings.

In a world where everything is and can be connected, sometimes it can be a little too overwhelming. We may not have a complete separation between work and personal life, especially if we work remotely from home.

As the lines begin to blur between work and life, it is ever so important for us to learn how to set boundaries. This can help to ensure a good work-life balance and improve our mental health.

Understanding your own limits.

Setting a boundary at work can come in various different forms, including:

  1. Using a separate phone for personal and work use. This can help you to 'shut off' after work and not get bombarded with messages on your time off, weekends, and holidays.
  2. Saying no to additional workloads or projects when you are swamped with work. While it can be good to help out with other projects in the company, you need to learn to prioritize your own workload and responsibilities.
  3. Sticking to a set work hours or schedule, especially if you work remotely. Working remotely does not mean that you have to constantly be available for work around the clock. Set a schedule and stick to the schedule.
  4. Learning to delegate work. There may be certain tasks that you can delegate to other team members, which can help to free up your time to focus on more important projects.
  5. Be honest with your supervisor. If you need additional support or flexibility to manage work with any personal issues that you are going through, let your supervisor know. They are there to help support you in any way possible.
  6. Taking time off from work. You have a set number of annual leaves that you can take - utilize them. You earn the right to take time off work to rest and enjoy life; make sure you use them wisely.

Everybody will have their own limits to how much stress and work they can manage. So, it is important for you to understand your own limit and stick to what works for you.

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Until we see you again next week, here is a question for you to ponder.

What can I do for the next two months that can help me end the year with a positive impact on my personal and professional life?

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