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Jul 10, 2023 12:37 am



Summers are always busy at the riding stable ~ family ranch between horse camp, riding lessons, birthday parties, and horse leasing. The horses love the opportunity to see the kiddoes and the carrots. Or else the carrots and then the kiddoes! In addition, I’m also writing a lot


Hangover Holidays, book #4 in my Stewart Falls Cheerleader series just came out. While it was all about the holidays in Stewart Falls, it’s not a traditional Christmas story so it was released this spring. Writing books is only part of the process for any author. I’m finishing up edits on Four O’Clock, Montana Time –, plus plotting Not a Sister-Wife, the next in the series. What happens when the bishop of the polygamist community where she lives decides fourteen-year-old, Jeannine Vandermiller will be a perfect wife for him? She’s out of Providence, Montana and headed for Stewart Falls, Washington to live with her best friend who’s already escaped from the cult.


I finished up book six in the Shamrock Stable Series. No Horsing Around is coming out in 2024 and I’m writing the next book in that series too. I’m looking forward to attending street fairs and festivals to sell books in person. That’s still a wonderful adventure after staying home for two years and I hope to see lots of folks there. 

So, how is your summer? What are you doing? Is it as exciting as mine? 

It’s much more fun to write about cleaning the barn than actually shoveling out the stalls. Of course, when everything is done, I try to write for an hour or two every night, but only if I’m not totally exhausted. When I am, I curl up with the cat in the recliner and try to stay awake long enough to watch the news. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes, I have to wake up so I can go to bed.

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Start your adventures at Shamrock Stables with book one of the Shamrock Stables Series No Horse Wanted (e-book) for $4.99! Get your copy today! Find it on Amazon ~ No Horse Wanted (Shamrock Stables Book 1).


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Roaring Rory Gallatin’s girl...

Daughter of the town troublemaker...

Trailer trash wannabe...

Seventeen-year-old Darcy Gallatin has heard it all, especially when the local minister uses her father as a bad example.

Everyone knows she’s different from the rest of the Gallatin family. She earned a scholarship to prestigious Stewart Falls Academy, is on the honor roll and is a varsity cheerleader.

She has a dream nobody can steal. She’ll study hard, attend a prominent university, and become a large-animal veterinarian, specializing in horses. Then, she’ll return to the small town of Pine Ridge and show everyone what a Gallatin can do. This is her last year at home. Next December she’ll be away at college, so she decides to make the holiday season special for her ten-year-old brother. She won’t let her father ruin Christmas for the whole family, not again.

Disaster strikes when her dad injures Darcy’s horse, Whisky. Can Darcy ever forgive her father, or has he finally crossed the line and made her hate him? Even Darcy doesn’t know for sure, but one thing is certain—she needs to change things. And fast. But ho

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