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Feb 25, 2023 5:01 pm


It's Spring-ish!

The groundhog saw his shadow on February 2 nd and that means six more weeks of winter, but I’m ready for spring. Rainy days alternate with sunny ones. On clear ones, I nag the ranch hand to bring in hay deliveries. At least, we don’t have frozen water tubs in the barn, or a heavy frost this week. Thankfully, the 75-foot water hose from the stable isn’t solid ice and I don’t have to thaw it in our bathroom or battle it when I want a shower. The “talking heads” are prophesying

more rain and possible flooding in tonight’s forecast and it’s storming back East.

imageMy sisters are asking what my mother wants for her 82nd birthday next week and I’ll have to remind them to bring daffodils, my mom’s favorite spring flower. She always tells the story of her father bringing them to the hospital the day she was born. I just hope we can find them since it’s so soggy and I haven’t seen any in the stores yet. However, the local Haggen’s, an upscale

grocery does have her favorite carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

So, let it be spring.

Dawn comes earlier than it did at the beginning of the month. It’s light when I feed the dogs on the side porch of my mother’s house. Occasionally, there’s a warmth in the morning air and I don’t see ice on the puddles that often. The horses search out sunbeams when we have them and bask in the sunshine warming their bones. Yes, we’re all getting older. Gone are the days when

they raced across the fields, bucking, and playing in the golden light of the sunrise.

Being retired on the family farm means we no longer have baby pigs to tell us when it’s spring and the barn kittens have grown up and moved into the house, too old for life in the hayloft, happily sleeping in the living-room recliners We still put out birdseed for our feathered friends who visit, and the rooster crows earlier and earlier each day. When I look east toward the mountains, the snow that once blanketed the entire slope continues to recede toward the peaks. The river that borders the ranch remains in its banks – hopefully, we won’t have another flood. We certainly had enough storms this winter when the snow melted and trees fell in the high winds. We’re still cleaning up after the giant cottonwoods hit the ground.

It gets dark later and later in the afternoon – staying light into the early evening. Frogs join the coyotes' twilight serenade now and spring is on the way. Grass is starting to grow and there are buds forming on the trees. Excitement fills the air as we anticipate seeing the neighbor’s new calves, mares with their foals, and hens with chicks. Let’s enjoy the beginning of this eagerly awaited season, regardless of what the calendar or the groundhog says.

Spring is on the way!


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