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May 01, 2023 4:01 pm



It’s been a busy month but I’m happy I’ve finished the final edits on the next book in the Stewart Falls Cheerleader series, Hangover Holidays. It’s an unconventional Christmas story about Darcy Gallatin, the daughter of the unruly town drunk who is determined to follow her dreams regardless of what people may think of her family. I’m almost done polishing No Horsing Around, Book 6 in the Shamrock Stable series. Plus, I’m hurrying to complete a Christmas novella in that series as well, Holiday Hoofbeats, as well as a novella in one of my romance series. The due dates for those are the first week of June, so I’m not sure if I’m coming or going!


In addition, I just finished teaching spring break horse camp when I trained camp counselors and now it’s time to promote summer horse camp. I still have slots to fill, and the horses eagerly await to see the kiddos and the carrots. Or maybe, it’s the other way around. They want their long, skinny carrots first. I also have to take out the bulldozer and run the trails, so they’ll be ready when the kids and the horses leave the arenas.

Of course, first I have to repair the hydraulics on Frou-Frou, (that’s the name of my bulldozer). I goofed last fall when I let someone else drive her. It was supposed to save me time because I was overloaded, but that didn’t work. Word of advice. Never let anyone else touch your bulldozer. She has a six-way blade, and we can do some serious work on the farm when Frou-Frou is functional. She will be soon and if I’m not too irritated, I won’t paint her pink. Then, again – okay, I’m joking. I’ll leave her “International Gold!”

So, what are your plans for the summer?

Although they’re big, horses are also surprisingly fragile despite their size. They only have one stomach, so it is not like a cow, a goat, or a deer. The stomach is small, so the horse eats approximately twenty hours a day in the wild and sleeps four hours, usually in short naps. Surprisingly, because of their body structure, horses can’t regurgitate (throw up) so anything they ingest, they have to digest.

Horses are always hungry and will eat constantly. When they stop eating, it’s a clue that they’re sick. Usually, this means colic – a bad stomach ache that constipates the animal. Left untreated, the horse will die. And if you want to know what makes a real hero, it’s the guy who stays with the heroine and her horse for the three days it takes to save the critter. The cure for colic is to keep the horse on its feet and moving until it passes the blockage.

Yes, this means pooping and passing gas. We keep Gas-X on hand for the horses and I mix it with applesauce and force-feed it during these times. The drug can be used with the muscle relaxants prescribed by the vet. Fun times are the enemas, and mineral oil drenches, and don’t ask what I do with plastic bread sacks and shortening – you don’t want to know, but I’ll tell you anyway! Yes, I do stick my hand up the horse’s you know what to clean out the poop ~ it’s cheaper than having the vet do it.

So, now I’ve shared what I’ll be doing this summer. It’s much more fun to write about cleaning the barn than actually shoveling out the stalls. I hope your summer is as exciting as mine.I’m looking forward to taking the kids out on the trails and teaching them how to play games on horseback. Of course, when everything is done, I’ll be writing half the night.

Have a great summer!!

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