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Oct 14, 2023 5:01 pm



As always, I’m surprised when summer winds to a close and yet fall is my favorite season. It cools off here in Washington State and the rainy season starts with occasional bursts of cool gray days. I enjoy the clouds and fresher air as well as the breezes which no longer carry the smoky odor of wildfires from the hills. This year, we had smoke from British Columbia in Canada and I’m hoping today’s rain helps control those blazes. The river I live on has dwindled to a much narrower trickle and the sunburned, brown grass should return to green at some point.


Meanwhile, I’m home from the Pacific NW Writer’s Conference, my first in-person event since the days before the COVID pandemic. I really loved seeing old friends and making new ones, but of course now it’s time to finish up books and meet writing deadlines. Four O’Clock, Montana Time, the newest release in the Stewart Falls Cheerleader series is coming soon. I’m sure I’ll be seeing the edits on the next book in the Shamrock Stable series soon. No Horsing Around is all about summer at the barn with all of our favorite teen girls sharing their equine adventures.


While I wait for edits, I’m working on Not a Sister Wife, #6 in the Stewart Falls series and plotting Holiday Hoofbeats, the next book in the Shamrock series. In real life, we’ll kick off the holidays at the riding stable with our first Halloween Party on horseback in three years. The kids and I are looking forward to having a horsy good time as well as lots of chocolate.

October Book Recommendation


Do you have Goodreads? If so, add this to your TBR pile! If not, add me once you get it! Thank you so much for being my readers! ADD HERESixteen-year-old Vicky Miller feels overloaded since her parents filed for divorce. Her mother got the house and a new job. Her step-dad has the new car and a new girlfriend. Vicky has the five kids, her younger half-brothers and sisters who range from 18 months to 10 years old to look after and her own life now comes second to their needs and wants. It’s been six months of house-cleaning, baby-sitting, cooking, non-stop laundry and Vicky is through waiting for her life to improve. She has plans for her sophomore year at Lincoln High and they don’t include being an unpaid servant. If it takes a constant battle to attend her riding classes and complete her internship at Shamrock Stable, she’s ready to fight for her goal to be the best natural horse trainer around. Her parents may not have time for her to be with horses, but she has dreams no one can steal. Why should she give them away? But will keeping them mean she loses her family?

If you get an opportunity to read it, please drop me a review!!

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Start your adventures at Shamrock Stables with book one of the Shamrock Stables Series No Horse Wanted (e-book) for $4.99! Get your copy today! Find it on Amazon ~ No Horse Wanted (Shamrock Stables Book 1).


Check out all three of the Stewart Falls Cheerleaders series available on Amazon ~ Stewart Falls Cheerleaders.


Roaring Rory Gallatin’s girl...

Daughter of the town troublemaker...

Trailer trash wannabe...

Seventeen-year-old Darcy Gallatin has heard it all, especially when the local minister uses her father as a bad example.

Everyone knows she’s different from the rest of the Gallatin family. She earned a scholarship to prestigious Stewart Falls Academy, is on the honor roll and is a varsity cheerleader.

She has a dream nobody can steal. She’ll study hard, attend a prominent university, and become a large-animal veterinarian, specializing in horses. Then, she’ll return to the small town of Pine Ridge and show everyone what a Gallatin can do. This is her last year at home. Next December she’ll be away at college, so she decides to make the holiday season special for her ten-year-old brother. She won’t let her father ruin Christmas for the whole family, not again.

Disaster strikes when her dad injures Darcy’s horse, Whisky. Can Darcy ever forgive her father, or has he finally crossed the line and made her hate him? Even Darcy doesn’t know for sure, but one thing is certain—she needs to change things. And fast. But ho

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