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Oct 14, 2023 5:01 pm


As always, I’m surprised when summer winds to a close and yet fall is my favorite season. It cools off here in Washington State and the rainy season starts with occasional bursts of cool gray days. I enjoy the clouds and fresher air as well as the breezes which no longer carry the smoky odor of wildfires from the hills. This year, we had smoke from British Columbia in Canada and I’m hoping today’s rain helps control those blazes. The river I live on has dwindled to a much narrower trickle and the sunburned, brown grass should return to green at some point.

imageMeanwhile, I’m home from the Pacific NW Writer’s Conference, my first in-person event since the days before the COVID pandemic. I really loved seeing old friends and making new ones, but of course now it’s time to finish up books and meet writing deadlines. Kindred Spirits, the newest release in the Baker City series just finished its blog tour accompanied by Book #4, Ghost of the Past. Coming soon is a holiday novella, Merry Ghostmas. What happens when the ghosts decide to reenact A Christmas Carol because they’re bored after the annual October haunted town festivities?

I’m working on Kitchen Witch, #7 in the Liberty Valley Love series while I plot Ghost Writer’s Inn, the next book in the Baker City series. In real life, we’ll kick off the holidays at the riding stable with our first Halloween Party on horseback in three years. The kids and I are looking forward to having a horsy good time as well as lots of chocolate.

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October Book Recommendation


With the very first paragraph, I was pulled into Ann Barrett's story. While ghosts may be a presence here and there, as boy meets girl, this is not an ordinary romance or a simple story. Ann, shaped by three tours of duty in Afghanistan, fights for her job and to protect her engaging, 6-year-old daughter. She's not so quick to trust Harry, the handsome officer who wound up as her boss, usurping her much-needed promotion. Expect sparks, secrets, and sexy scenes. But, what I enjoyed most was the rich detail Josie Malone brings to her story-telling. Ann Barrett has a trigger temper and she's not afraid to fight, but not all problems can be solved with anger. We learn of her family, life in a small town, life as a returning veteran, the complexities of raising a child as a single mother -- and the courage it takes to make a commitment to those she loves. Not all the questions raised in the plot are answered by story end (what really happened to Ann's mother?), but Malone might just be working on a sequel. An interesting and compelling read.

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Two soldiers devastated by heartache, Debbie Ramsey and Rex Sinclair decided to rescue themselves with a mutually supportive endeavor, a “marriage in name only.” He wanted a guarantee after a tumultuous divorce. Betrayed, rejected, and abandoned by her family, she wanted a safe harbor. Amazingly, their scheme actually worked and oh, what adventures they had along the way.

Eight years later, she’s leaving the U.S. Army behind, trading her camos and combat boots for blue jeans and cowgirl boots. Now, the owner of Miracle Riding Stable near Baker City, Washington, Debbie intends to have a riding good time at her new home. Does having a new life mean leaving Major Rex Sinclair behind?

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