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May 05, 2023 6:01 pm


We're doing a giveaway! I have a few first-print A Man's World editions from the original Publisher. I apologize but this giveaway is only open to the U.S. readers.

Below are the rules:


Keep track over the next week and use every day to get points! The winners will be announced Sunday, May 14th!

A Man's World: A Historical Western Romance (Liberty Valley Love Book 1

The untamed wilderness of 1887 Washington Territory is A Man’s World. The survivor of more than one deadly ambush, Trace Burdette knows this better than anyone. Masquerading as a man, she prides herself on being the ‘toughest hombre’ this side of the Cascades, packing the pearl-handled pistols to prove it. The last thing she wants is Zebadiah Prescott, her new ruggedly handsome neighbor, ordering her around.

With more under his Stetson than hair, Zeb Prescott knows a man when he sees one and isn't fooled by the little woman in masculine garb even if she can almost outride and outshoot him. Determined to win Trace, he confronts the danger facing them. Before they can have a future together, he must deal with the past. . . and the dangerous outlaw out to kill the woman he loves.


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The next event takes place on May 5th! Preregister here.

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Book Information:


Start your adventures in Liberty Valley with book one of the Liberty Valley Love Series A Man's World (e-book) for $2.99! Get your copy today! Find it on Amazon ~ A Man's World (Liberty Valley Love Book 1).

Liberty Valley Love Book 5 is OUT NOW. Order your copy today of Trail Through Time!


If you haven't seen it enjoy the Time In Between trailer.


While waiting for Book Four to release, check out books 1 - 3 of the Baker City: Hearts and Haunts series available on Amazon ~ Baker City: Hearts and Haunts.

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