Unlock the Secrets of LinkedIn for UX Job Seekers: A FREE 7-Day Email Course


Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters, even if you're new to LinkedIn or have just completed a UX design course.

Are you a UX job seeker who recently completed a UX design bootcamp, or course, or someone making a mid-career switch to the UX industry?

Struggling to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters on LinkedIn?

You're not alone.

Many UX professionals face the same challenges.

But there's good news – I've been in your shoes, and I've cracked the code on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract attention and land interviews.

As a hiring manager, university lecturer, career coach, and mentor with over 10 years of experience in the design industry, I've combined my unique learnings and insights to create a FREE 7-day email course that will help you:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd
  • Leverage LinkedIn's features to connect with key industry professionals
  • Apply proven job search strategies specific to LinkedIn and UX job seekers


Why learn from me?

  • I've helped hundreds of UX job seekers accelerate their careers through mentoring and coaching – from past UX bootcamp graduates to mid-career switchers
  • Over 60+ testimonials from past students and mentees who have benefited from my career advice
  • Real-world experience as a hiring manager, allowing me to share inside knowledge of what works on LinkedIn

"Before I had met Joseph, I was struggling to differentiate myself as a designer and didn’t know what kind of value I could give and serve others to stand out from the crowd. It became quick and clear to me after chatting with Joseph about the struggles that I have in my career as he shed some light on his story and the difficulties that he also experienced during his career. His approach to my problem was enlightening and unique and helped me to gain a better understanding of the action items that I need to take to level up my career. If you’re struggling with your career as a designer, I highly recommend booking a session with Joseph, as he is super knowledgeable in his field and has a wealth of experience in other areas."

— Jacqueline Tenges

"Prior to consulting with Joseph, I hit a roadblock in my job search as I couldn't figure out why I wasn't proceeding to the next steps at interviews. During our coaching call, Joseph took the time to review my portfolio closely and gave constructive feedback on how to present my work (and myself) better. I liked how straightforward he was, and his sharp insights helped to shed light on what's missing in my current process. Now, I have a clearer picture of what I'd like to achieve for my career, and the next steps to take to expand it."

— Sarah Lew

"Leaving university life after 9 years had me plagued by uncertainty. After talking to Joseph, I felt more reassured that my master’s degree wouldn’t be wasted even if I decided to switch careers from academia to UX design. I appreciate that he could make me see value in my current skills and use it to my advantage in a UX career, even if I don’t have a background in design. My favorite part of the session is the smart and practical advice he shared to help me find and apply for a UX job, something I haven’t heard before, even after watching many YouTube videos. For all the other people in a quarter-life crisis like me and in need of a career coach, 12/10 recommend!"

Ma. Isabella Hermo


What's Inside the Course:

Day 1: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Crafting a compelling headline that instantly communicates your value
  • Writing an engaging summary that tells your professional story
  • Choosing the right profile picture and background image to make a strong impression

Day 2: Showcasing Your Skills and Expertise

  • Highlighting your top skills and endorsements
  • Detailing your work experience with results-driven descriptions
  • Adding multimedia content to showcase your portfolio and past projects

Day 3: Building Your Network and Increasing Visibility

  • Strategies for connecting with industry professionals and influencers
  • Joining relevant groups to engage in discussions and share your expertise
  • Tips for posting and sharing valuable content to increase your visibility

Day 4: Leveraging Recommendations and Social Proof

  • How to request and give meaningful recommendations
  • Incorporating testimonials and case studies from past clients or colleagues
  • Demonstrating your expertise by answering questions and providing valuable insights

Day 5: Mastering LinkedIn Job Search and Application Techniques

  • Navigating LinkedIn's job search tools to find the right opportunities
  • Tips for tailoring your application materials to each position
  • Strategies for effectively following up with recruiters and hiring managers

Day 6: Using LinkedIn Analytics to Track Your Progress

  • Understanding LinkedIn's analytics features for your profile and content
  • Identifying key metrics to monitor your LinkedIn performance and growth
  • Setting goals and adjusting your strategy based on data insights

Day 7: Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  • Defining your unique value proposition and brand message
  • Developing a consistent visual and content strategy to reinforce your brand
  • Leveraging LinkedIn's features to establish yourself as a thought leader in the UX industry


Don't Miss Out on Unlocking Your LinkedIn Potential

The stakes have never been higher in the UX job market. With more and more people transitioning into this field, it's crucial to stand out among the competition. This 7-day email course is designed to help you master LinkedIn and propel your UX career forward.

If you take advantage of this free email course, you'll:

  1. Discover actionable strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile, expand your network, and increase your chances of landing your dream UX job.
  2. Learn from real-life examples based on different user personas to ensure that the tips and strategies are relevant and applicable to your unique situation.
  3. Gain access to exclusive resources and templates that will save you time and effort in building a solid LinkedIn presence.

On the other hand, if you miss out on this opportunity:

  1. You risk blending in with the competition, making it harder for hiring managers and recruiters to notice your potential.
  2. You might continue struggling with LinkedIn job search techniques, resulting in missed job opportunities and valuable connections.
  3. You could spend countless hours trying to figure out the best practices for LinkedIn success, without any clear direction or guidance.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Sign up for our free 7-day email course today and start harnessing the power of LinkedIn to advance your UX career.

Time is running out, and the job market won't wait.

Make the most of this opportunity and secure your future success now!

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