Announcing our giveaway winner & survey results

Apr 24, 2021 10:06 pm

Hi readers,

Please give a round of applause to Annie, the winner of our $10 gift card giveaway! Congratulations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts with me in the survey. I've read the results carefully, and this is what I'm hearing:

  • No more pandemic anything - no problem! Let's put this thing behind us and get back to normal. I'm as tired of writing it as I am of living it - and you are of reading about it.
  • More heat and steam - Well over half of you wanted either "all steam" or "mostly steam." Y'all are a bunch of delightful pervs, you know that, right? ;) I like that about you.
  • 67% of you expressed interest in joining a Facebook group, so look for an announcement soon.
  • Longer books - many of you would like to see full-length novels, with more room for detailed buildup and character development. (And more sexytimes; I get it!) I am happy to give you lengthier books, although fair warning: more words will take longer to write.

On May 11th, you'll get to read the steamy story of Naomi, Zane and Cash. I'm so excited for you to meet them, especially since as I was writing him, Cash totally stole my heart. He's deeply flawed, but in the end, he'll do anything to make Naomi happy - and that's what counts, right?

You can still read an excerpt of their story on my website. Preorder to get .99 release week pricing!

Lastly - check out the Erotica Appreciation book fair! If you're looking for thoroughly unwholesome reading material - and I know you are - you'll find it here.