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Jun 03, 2022 4:21 pm

Hi Readers,

I hope your summer - for North American subscribers - is off to a great start. I live in Maryland, where it's been hot and sunny for the past week. I've acquired a sunburn (ouch) and killed the flowers in my hanging baskets (oops), but apart from that, I'm glad it's pool season!

To celebrate, I'm handing out a short story I originally wrote for an erotica submission - only to belatedly discover that I'd written it in the wrong POV and couldn't submit it. I blame post-covid brain fog. 🥴

Anyway - my error means I have a fun short story to give you! The full version will be available in a few weeks to download as an ebook. In the meantime, please enjoy it piece by piece.

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Diplomacy (part 1)

Mathias found Sophia in the greenhouse, bent over a row of leafy sprouts that were beginning to come in. One war, ten years of marriage, and three children hadn’t diminished her beauty.

To be blunt, his wife had an amazing ass, and right now it was on full display while she tended to her plants. He stood watching for a few minutes before Sophia spotted him.

“Admiring the view?” She smiled and sat back on her heels.


Sophia stripped off her gloves and set them aside. Her honey-brown hair fell in a loose braid over her left shoulder to dangle above her breast. She wore a smudge of dirt beneath one cheekbone like fine makeup.

His queen was the opposite of royal. Reserved, yes, but utterly unpretentious.

Together, they’d rebuilt this country from ruin. Lived lifetimes by the time they hit their mid-twenties. Despite this, Mathias had been her first and last and only lover.

Sophia had never expressed any desire to be with anyone else, yet in rushing their wedding—“security concerns,” a valid, if  transparent, excuse to marry a woman far above his social station—he’d also denied her the opportunity to try it. Granted, there was a war on, and she was a high-profile target. Still was. Part of him wondered whether she would have chosen him, if she’d had a true choice.

When she strode over to him and kissed him, Mathias pulled her close, tilted her jaw and deepened it. He loved her with every cell in his being, and tasted her adoration for him. 

They would survive it if she took a lover. He wasn’t sure whether it was her or himself he wanted to test. All he knew was that, belatedly, he wanted to give her the option.

After all, she’d chosen him without knowing what else she was giving up.


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