Who loves monsters?! 👀 👾

Oct 25, 2022 1:36 pm

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Who's ready for Halloween?

Thanks to all of you, A Monstrous Mistake is tearing up the charts on Amazon! A huge thanks to Kristen Lance for organizing this collaboration.

To celebrate, I'm running a Kindle Countdown deal from now through Halloween. Enjoy Ruby and Cam's spooky (mis)adventures for just .99. Then continue the fun with the rest of this short, hot series!

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For those of you who love Christmas, snow and secrets, you won't want to miss my new holiday novella, Snowbound Secrets.

Behold this gorgeous cover!


Snowbound Secrets is set in the same world as Ruining Riley, which will appear in the anthology Dating Mr. CEO. It features Amalia Fairfax, the beleaguered, dutiful daughter of the Chairman of Fairfax Private Equity.

It's a terrible company. So bad, she needs a security detail when the death threats start. Amie's determined to turn the company around, with the help of her friend Riley Campbell - over the objections of Hector Lobo, a CEO who's more than his pretty face and arrogance suggest...

Enter Liam Sawyer.

The guard she seduces, and gets fired.

One year later, they get a surprise second chance to be together -

this time, without interference.

This Christmas, will Amie walk away from her family's legacy to be with the man whose career she destroyed?

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Wishing you a wonderful week! Celebrate safely - and enjoy all that candy!