Great reads for my favorite reader (it's you)

May 27, 2022 3:16 pm

Hi ,

Summer officially kicks off this weekend in the U.S. - have you dived into my Facebook group, Jordana's Pool Party?

I'll be posting a new story there starting next week EXCLUSIVELY for readers. Newsletter subscribers will get the story, too, once I format it for e-readers.

I have to admit I got a little off-track recently with a bout of Covid, followed by my children getting sick consecutively (not Covid - there's plenty of junk circulating, especially when your kids are in elementary school). We're all back to full health now, and I'm catching up!

What I'm working on:

Remember the reader survey you participated in a while back? There was one category that really surprised me! Many of you are big into motorcycle & mafia romance. I'm extremely pleased to announce that I'll be launching a new MC/mafia series next year, as well as participating in Bad Boy MC/mafia anthology. Details to come! Scroll down for a hot new mafia series.

Speaking of anthologies - don't forget to preorder your copy of Dating Mr. CEO - available on all platforms:


What I'm reading:

Fate is a Mated Bitch: A Paranormal Romance for Adults

Super steamy 🔥 PNR

.99 wherever eBooks are sold:


Bratva Darling: A Dark Mafia Romance

I got a sneak peek at Sabine Barclay's new series, and I have to tell you it is 🔥!

This will definitely appeal to all you mafia romance fans - snag it for $2.99:


That's it for this week - remember to pop by the Pool Party and say hi! Have a great weekend.