You'll probably sell to an existing customer 35x more

Feb 16, 2022 4:20 pm

According to 2021 research published on markinblog[dot]com, the probability of selling to an existing customer is three to 35 times higher than selling to a new one.

This is why RevOps is not only about efficiency and reducing silos. It also encompasses optimization of the entire customer experience. Companies need to invest more in customer success instead of the emphasis solely being on marketing and sales. The eventuality would be a reduction in CAC (customer acquisition cost: the amount you pay to attract and convert a new customer), an increase in LTV (lifetime value: how much a customer pays you for the life of them being your customer), and with that up to a 95% increase in profit. Selling to happy customers reduces marketing costs and increases your profits!

Who doesn't want that kind of impact on their organization?

Let's talk about it some more today at 1pm Central as vcita's Maor Aharoni and I discuss Increasing efficiency and profits with optimized revenue operations.

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