18,000 views + 350 new followers from ONE post

Mar 04, 2022 4:59 pm

Last week, I shared this blurb before breakfast and by lunch, the LinkedIn editor team picked it up and promoted it. In a little over a week, I got over 18K views, 350 new followers, 208 reactions, 32 comments, 3 speaking requests, 2 media opportunities and a bump in sales calls.


LinkedIn really is an amazing resource and contrary to what the LinkedIn police try to tell you, it's NOT just about stuffy corporate content.

Granted, a large portion of it are job seekers, hiring managers, employees working to advance their careers by positioning a personal brand, and sales and marketing folks building thought leadership and their sales pipelines, there's a great opportunity to jump into one of those categories or be content creator no matter what industry you're in.

We DEFINITELY are having fun, and there's a ton of diverse creators there publishing useful and relatable content.

LinkedIn has events, groups (some groups actually are good but I just prefer FB better), AUDIO events, video, newsletters (I just rolled mine out last week), articles, and a ton of other opportunities to develop GREAT content and engage with the kinds of people who will help you reach your career, business, and life goals.

What the LinkedIn police WON'T tell you is that people are multifaceted and that if it works for IG, Twitter, Facebook, IT WILL WORK ON LINKEDIN.

Remember the watercooler? Or remember how people have pictures of their kids, mates, or pets on their office wall? Think of LinkedIn like your office wall and post what makes sense for your connections and the audience you're building.

One reason LinkedIn is wack for people is that you're only connected to or following old workmates. They're boring!

Instead, follow the same influencers that you follow elsewhere, and those in the spaces where you're trying to grow in. This opens up a better experience for you.

Also, optimize your profile to help the right people find you and share social proof with multimedia on your profile to establish credibility.

Lastly, create amazing content like this or this. TEACH the people the things you would teach them elsewhere. The added benefit here is the ability to directly turn those conversations into sales conversations through social selling.

There are several people doing this and killing it and changing the trajectory of their careers and business. Why not you?

Let's talk about it some more in Citizens for Better Marketing. It's time to really ramp your LinkedIn to reach your revenue goals!