CORRECTION: Here are your marketing resources for download

Jul 16, 2021 9:54 pm


Earlier this morning, many received an email with details on how to access the downloads from yesterday's training and information on how to register for next weeks Ask Me Anything session.

Since many of you did not receive the email or had trouble getting to the downloads, I am linking them for you below. Just click and then print or download the documents.

content and promotional planner

content marketing resources

All the example videos from yesterday's session are housed in the join the citizens community under the attract the citizens course so you will need to sign up to receive access to those. Sign up here.

For those that didn't get this morning's email, I've pasted it here

Thank you so much for your eagerness to learn more about marketing!

I've now opened up the join the citizens community, where you can access the content marketing resources download, the content and promotional planning download, and the videos shared in yesterday's training.

Please sign up to the zero-fee join the citizens community and visit Courses to access your resources. Also in this community, you will be able to share questions, get feedback and access more training to help you market comfortably.

Our next Ask Me Anything is scheduled for Thursday, June 22, 2021 at 12 p.m. Central (please note the new time) and is titled How to constantly drive website traffic without needing to be online everyday (a link to this event is conveniently located in Events in the join the citizens community.)

To discuss premium content marketing or communications strategy for your Go-to-market, recruitment or internal communications, please book a time to speak here.

Thank you for your patience and I'll hold off from emailing for a few days. For this reason, all new announcements and uploads will only be accessible in the group. Please join to be able to access new uploads of interactive content, courses and worksheets.

See you there!

Jasmine Powers