Touching Base

Feb 11, 2022 9:52 pm

Hello ,

You're probably surprised to hear from me but I wanted to reach out for three reasons:

1) To reconnect since it's been a while and find out how you've been because the last couple years have been like the Twilight Zone...Sincerely, let me know.

2) To see if I can get you on a podcast, YouTube video, article, or connect you to resources as you grind out doing your thing. (I'm serious, I have a ton of content I need to produce and I'm sure there's some nugget you can share.)

3) To let you know I'm starting on a campaign to get business revenue up with something that SaaS companies are calling Revenue Operations, or in layman's terms, make your business run efficiently, deliver excellent service, and get your profits up.

Please reply because I really want to hear from you, book some time to catch up, or although this is a one-time message, feel free to unsubscribe to make sure you don't receive further communication.

Either way, sending happy thoughts and big hugs your way!


Jasmine Powers