It ends. It begins. It continues...

Jun 02, 2021 6:31 pm



No recording this week, but we are finishing filming the new music video. It's strange to not be doing what we usually do on Tuesdays, but that's okay. I finish school this week and embark on the summer playing schedule. I have over twenty dates this summer and many are out of town in places I have never played. It builds and grows. That makes the change of Ryan leaving and no podcasting(for a bit) tolerable. This change of season, of flow, has historically been tricky for me- wanting to do it all RIGHT NOW, but needing the time to rejuvenate after a long school year. This year of firsts will make that different, too. This isn't necessarily bad, but an awareness is needed.

Matt and I finish up recording, possibly Thursday, and then Big Dumb Heart can be found at a live performance near you. 

So, be on the lookout for me out there live and in person with a new video and a new album on the horizon. Thank you for taking and continuing this journey with me.