$234.1M in 17 Deals and 4 acquisitions (Minu, Loggi, Demetria, Colektia,

Mar 08, 2021 3:38 am


minu | Series A | $11,500,000.00

Mexico. minu revolutionizes the financial health of Mexican employees, offering them access to their already worked salary when they need it.

Investors: FinTech Collective

Loggi | Series F | $205,000,000.00

São Paulo, Brazil

Loggi is a delivery company that uses technology to link its customers to a network of couriers.

Investors: CapSur Capital

Demetria | Seed | $3,000,000.00

Bogotá, Colombia

Demetria is an AI-powered taste and quality intelligence SaaS startup for the coffee supply chain.

Investors: Celeritas

Colektia | Series A | $4,200,000.00

Santiago, Chile

Colektia is a digital platform that helps financial institutions create new digital collections models, based on artificial intelligence.

Investors: Angel Ventures

Twenix | Seed | $1,204,870.00

Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Europe

Twenix is an e-learning SaaS that helps teams in the business with their English knowledge acquisition.

Investors: JME Ventures

MCH Investment Strategies | Private Equity

Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Europe

MCH Investment Strategies is an independent investment products firm specializing in the selection of international asset class managers.

Investors: Alantra

Agrisolus | Venture

São Paulo, Brazil

Agrisolus is a company that applies artificial intelligence to poultry.

Investors: KPTL

Twenix | Debt Financing

Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Europe

Twenix is an e-learning SaaS that helps teams in business with their English knowledge acquisition.

Investors: ENISA

Cora | Seed

São Paulo, Brazil

Cora is a fin-tech startup that provides financial services to help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals.

PlayJoy Games | Seed | $397,607.00

Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, Europe

PlayJoy Games specialized in traditional video games and social casino.

Elenas | Series A | $6,000,000.00

Bogotá, Colombia

Elenas is a Latin American social commerce platform, empowering micro-entrepreneurs to start their online store.

Balio | Seed

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe

Personal Finance Manager and Investing

Tpaga | Seed

Bogotá, Colombia

Tpaga enables consumers to receive and spend money through their cellphone.

Videsk | Seed | $40,000.00

Santiago, Chile

The first plug&play video contact center to provide face-to-face communication experiences between companies and customers.

Investors: Start-Up Chile

EventPlay | Pre-Seed | $200,000.00

São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Event Network | All-in-one Marketplace Platform | OTT Streaming

Pawiis | Seed | $33,333.00

Santiago, Chile

Pawiis is a pet care platform that improves animal welfare.


Fit Sistemas acquired by Sovos

Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States, 2021-03-03

Sovos is a global leader in tax compliance and business-to-government reporting software.. Fit Sistemas is a provider of cloud-based regulatory reporting and electronic invoicing solutions..

Visit Sovos or Fit Sistemas

Vicom acquired by HEXPOL

Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden, 2021-03-02

HEXPOL is a polymer group that provides advanced polymer compounds. Vicom is a polymer compounder active in the interesting and growing product segment "wire and cable".

Visit HEXPOL or Vicom

VipCommerce acquired by Magazine Luiza

Louveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2021-03-03

Magazine Luiza retails home appliances, personal electronics, and furniture products through physical and virtual stores. VipCommerce enables existing grocery retailers to move online fast and efficiently with a low initial investment..

Visit Magazine Luiza or VipCommerce

Pollux Automation acquired by Accenture

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 2021-03-02

Accenture is a professional services company, providing services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Pollux is an industrial automation company in Brazil that provides solutions to increase the competitiveness of the industry.

Visit Accenture or Pollux Automation



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Frontend Engineer, All Teams, Mexico City, Lyft. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Software Engineer – All Teams, Lyft. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Data Engineer, Luuna. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Cloud Native Developer, IBM. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Data Scientist, . Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, México

Data Scientist, IBM. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Principal Software Engineer (office or remote work), Loft. Brazil, São Paulo

Full Stack – Java, Redbee. Brazil, São Paulo

Engineering Manager, Redbee. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Manager Data Scientist, Wildlife Studios. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Brazil, São Paulo


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Analista Contábil Sênior, Contabilizei. Brazil, Remote

Finance Manager, La Mudi. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Analista Financeiro Jr, PepsiCo. Brazil, São Paulo

Accounting Analyst, Rappi. Colombia, Bogotá

Analista de Nómina, Rappi. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Financing Partnerships Manager, Kavak. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México, Remote

Senior Finance Manager, Amazon. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México


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UX/UI Designer, Cliengo. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Head of UX/UI, Contabilizei. Brazil

UX Designer, IBM. Colombia, Bogotá

Designer UX, IBM. Brazil, Brasilia

Creative Director, Wildlife Studios. Brazil, São Paulo

SR UX Designer, Wildlife Studios. Brazil, São Paulo

Art Manager, Wildlife Studios. Brazil, São Paulo

Technical Animator (All levels), Wildlife Studios. Brazil, São Paulo

Designer UX, IBM. Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, México

Designer UX, IBM. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México


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Global Learning, Employee Experience and Talent Development Lead, Rappi. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Senior People (Human Resources) Lead – Technology & Engineering, Rappi. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Head of Agencies – Amazon Advertising Mexico, Amazon. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Legal Analyst, Cabify. Colombia, Bogotá

Rider Growth Analyst – CL, Cabify. Chile, Santiago

City Intelligence Analyst, Beat. Colombia

Manager Data Scientist, Wildlife Studios. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Brazil, São Paulo

Project Manager, Wizeline. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Project Manager, Wizeline. Guadalajara, Jalisco

Financing Partnerships Manager, Kavak. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México, Remote


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Global Marketing Creative Lead, HP. Brazil, São Paulo

Email Marketing Technical Manager, HP. Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Manager, Publicity – Brazil, Netflix. Brazil

Rider Growth Analyst – CL, Cabify. Chile, Santiago

Growth Operations Specialist, Loft. Brazil, São Paulo

BI Specialist, Loft. Brazil, São Paulo

Marketing Specialist, BEAT. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Growth Intern, Around. México

Strategy Manager, Kavak. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México


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Customer Experience Manager – LatAm, Netflix. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Title Operations Project Manager – Brazil, Netflix. Brazil

Administrative Analyst, Rappi. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Operations Analyst, Rappi. Colombia, Bogotá

Operation Lead, Rappi. Colombia, Bogotá

Project Analyst – Onboarding of Restaurants, Rappi. Brazil

Process Specialist, Rappi. México, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Remote, Chile, Peru

Analista de Performance Growth, Rappi. Brazil

Operations Manager, BEAT. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Customer Experience Process Analyst, Beat. Peru, Lima


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Product Manager, Cliengo. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Customer Support Lead, Runa. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Product Manager, Loft. Brazil, São Paulo

Product Designer | Rappi, Rappi. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Product Manager, Crehana. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México, Colombia, Bogotá, Remote, Peru, Lima


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LATAM Supplies Sales Lead, HP. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México, Colombia, Bogotá, Peru, Lima

Innovation Leader, IBM. Brazil, São Paulo

Customer Success Manager, IBM. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Client Technical Leader, IBM. Ciudad de México (CDMX), México

Sales Development Representative, Cabify. Colombia, Bogotá

SALES EXECUTIVE, Teads. Colombia, Bogotá

SALES MANAGER, Teads. Brazil, São Paulo

SALES DIRECTOR, Teads. Brazil, São Paulo

Manager, Sales, Vice Media. México

Manager, Sales, VICE Media. Argentina