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Feb 08, 2021 2:01 pm

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All-In-One SEO Tool for Everyone

Everyone loves to see their brand outshine the competition & we happen to make the go-to SEO tools for them.



Series A - Rocket.Chat - $19M

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Rocket.Chat is a platform that improves internal and external communication within a controlled and secure environment.

From: Greycroft, Monashees, New Enterprise Associates, Valor Capital Group DGF Investimentos, e.ventures, Graphene Ventures

Series A - Flink - $12M

Mexico City, Mexico

Flink is a consumer trading platform that allows its users to save, spend, and invest their money.

From: Accel, ALLVP, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Kevin Efrusy, Oskar Hjertonsson, Raptor Group

Series A - Monkey Exchange - $6M

São Paulo, Brazil

Monkey Exchange is an online corporate financial alternative to SMB in Brazil focused on reducing cost of capital.

From: Kinea Investimentos Ltda, Quona Capital

Seed Round - MindMiners - $1M

São Paulo, Brazil

MindMiners offers a human analytics platform for strategic marketing decisions KPTL BR Angels, Criatec Fund, Darwin Startups, KPTL

Venture Round - Done Properly Co.

Santiago, Chile

Foodtech company dedicated to create a new generation of ingredients for the world wide food industry.

From: Angel Ventures, Endurance Investments

Venture Round - Aflore $6.5M

Bogotá, Colombia

Aflore provides financial services through a tech-enabled direct sales channel

Seed Round - Pawiis - $33333.00

Santiago, Chile

360 petcare platform. Mobile App and SaaS platform that connects pet-parents, pet care providers, pet services, and products.

Series A - Koomkin

Mexico City, Mexico

Koomkin is a lead generation/nontransactional B2B Marketplace, with over 9,000 suppliers and more than 25,000 products.

Series B - DWUL Energy - $1.1M

Indaiatuba, Brazil

Renewable Energy

Series A - FOHAT

Curitiba, Brazil

Energy Intelligence company with innovative solutions for the energy sector.


brand overflowAll-In-One SEO Tool for Everyone

Everyone loves to see their brand outshine the competition & we happen to make the go-to SEO tools for them.

Brutask - Brutask is a simple to-do list for small companies or teams who work on daily scrums and have regular stand-ups!

AppBuildy - Build fast mobile apps without code knowledge

Contentellect Content writing services for explosive organic traffic

Exakt - Easiest way to collect ongoing qualitative feedback from your customers in-app.

Newny - Live Q&A Tool for Virtual & In-Person Events


Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Have Time to Be CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos

You should take a look at Bridgefy, the Mexican startup led by our friend Jorge Ribs that is wildly popular during social unrest and catastrophes. Especially where fascist governments tend to shut-down the internet.

Here is the coverage for Bridgefy's role during the Myanmar coup.



Police seize $60 million of bitcoin! Now, where's the password?


German prosecutors reportedly are holding about 1,700 bitcoin confiscated from a bitcoin miner, but the man won't give them his password to unlock the cryptocurrency. 

" Perhaps he doesn't know" the password, a German prosecutor told Reuters." 



ALTAVE - Soluções mais leves que o ar

Video Surveillance for large areas

Altave is looking for a Financial Analyst and a Sales Development Representative.

See Details Here


Collective Academy. Product Lead (Compass)


Facebook. Product Marketing Manager, Conversion & Delivery

CDMX / Sao Paulo

HP. Global Product Manager – eCommerce

Guadalajara, Jalisco


Canva. Freelance Graphic Designers (Colombia)

Remote Colombia

Accenture. Designer UX


IBM. Designer UX

Ciudad de México y  Monterrey


Collective Academy. Director of MBT


Tiktok. Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Sao Paulo

Konfio. Head of Talent Acquisition

Ciudad de México


Canva. Freelance Copywriter

Remote Colombia

Tiktok. Head of GBM

Sao Paulo

Around. Growth Intern



Modsquad. Remote - Recruiter


Tiktok. Content Moderator I

Sao Paulo


P&G. Sales Coordinator


PepsiCo. Analista de Ingeniería de Rutas LATAM

Ciudad de México

Collective Academy. Director of MBT



Collective Academy. Financial Analyst


PepsiCo. Financial Planning Analyst

Ciudad de México

Accenture. Finance Transition Svcs Specialist

Sao Paulo


IBM. Database Administrator


Tesla. Supplier Industrialization Engineer – Injection Molding.


Tesla. Supplier Industrialization Engineer – Lighting Mx


PepsiCo. Front End Developer

Ciudad de México


Collective Academy. Learning Producer (part-time internship)


Cliengo. Senior Customer Success Analyst

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Netflix. On-Site Support Specialist

Ciudad de México



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