[HCH] My best (personal) take-away from our revival

Oct 07, 2020 9:44 pm

Hello lovely ladies,

How are you doing so far this week? I hope all is well with you.

We just finished a mini revival and it was a great one. On the evening of the first night, we lost a dear member of our church. He was one of our elderly men; he was a charter member and attended our church faithfully over 60 years. We nicked-named him and his wife, "Ma" and "Pa."

Our church will never be quite the same without Pa. I have watched him hobble slowly in Sunday after Sunday, and always assisting his dear wife. They both have exemplified faithfulness. (Ma was able to get to the hospital in time to say good-bye.)

My best (personal) take-away from the revival was the analogy of removing the "High Places" in my life. (High Places were places of pagan worship.) From Bible history there were many bad kings, and there were also good kings. However, some of the good kings still did not remove the "high places."  

If you don't get rid of the high places, you'll still use them. (A common example is one who smokes cigarettes... if he/she keeps a pack around, they'll be easily tempted to start smoking again.) Often, we wonder why we struggle with temptations in our life, but we haven't done all that we can in removing those high places.

So, for true revival in my heart, I do need to fully yield to what God wants me to do...but I also need to take time to remove those high places, so that I can be consistent and more righteous in my Christian walk.

Well, I shall close with those thoughts and hope that they might help inspire you in some way.

My Friend, Keep Walking in FAITH,

Rhonda White (rhondawhite@outlook.com)

~ The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I Corinthians 16:23 KJV 


7 Tidbits from my journal: (Use these ideas for your journal or ministry)

TACT: the ability to make a point without making an enemy. (Refreshing Daily in God's Word)

"Ask GOD to give you the ability to build fire under people without making their blood boil." (RDIGW)

"A BIBLE that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't." -unknown

"The gift of GRUMBLING is largely dispensed among those who have no other talents, or who keep what they have wrapped in a napkin. So, don't let the murmurer get you down, and keep fighting the good fight of faith." - Dr. Mike Rouse

PRAY TOGETHER: One focus, one accord, one HOPE in God, our Heavenly Father.

Don't rely on simply 'resisting' sin -- AVOID it!! -- "Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away." - Proverbs 4:15 kjv

QUESTION: What is it in your life that needs to be removed?


Bible Verse of the Week:

"And he sought God......and as long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper." II Chronicles 26:5 (King Uzziah)

Seek God daily that you may have the many blessings of God on your life.


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Today's Tidy Up Your Life Tips:  How to Decorate Around Clutter


When it comes to decorating, we like things to be attractive, useful, and multipurpose. That means when you buy storage solutions, try to find items that are attractive and perform the solution you need.


Hide Those Cords – Find safe and inventive ways to hide your cords using decorative containers and boxes. You can also find professional equipment that is made specifically for hiding and organizing cords. You can always add inventive décor around things that “stick out” such as turning that line into a vine or other item that looks interesting.


Cover Glass Doors – If you have storage solutions such as cabinets that have see-through doors, but you’re not yet neat enough for that, you can cover the glass doors with contact paper or fabric to give it an interesting look while hiding the stuff inside.


Wicker Baskets – A great way to hide things like umbrellas, and items at the door entry is by using wicker basket. Use in the bathroom for extra toilet paper. In fact, anywhere clutter tends to collect, naturally, solve that problem it by putting a basket in that area or precise spot.


Put a Curtain Up – An effective way to hide some things that you want to keep is to use a shelf but add a curtain to it. You can use fabric and Velcro to make an attractive covering for any bookshelf that you’re storing things on.


Box it Up – An excellent way to hide cords is to create a charging station using a box. Poke holes in the box so the wires can go outside the box. Make sure you use a fire-resistant box to keep your family safe since things that are charging sometimes get hot.


Decorative Plates, Cups, & Bowls – If you have keys, change, or other small objects you want to group together, using plates, cups, and bowls will work wonderfully. Choose attractive containers that add a pop of color to the décor.


When you organize and declutter your home, it doesn’t mean that it should be plain and sparse, unless you’re going for the minimalistic style. Just chose the things you want to highlight in your home. These items should be easy to clean, be well made, and perform the job that you want it to perform.


My main goal is to simplify life. As I’ve said before, “Owning less is so much better than organizing more.”  So, always take time to de-clutter an area before you start your organizing project.