[HCH] Our Spiritual Checklist

Jun 09, 2022 4:19 pm

Good morning,

I just finished my morning coffee (I'm a very slow sipper. LOL) Even when I was very young, it would take me a whole day just to drink a can full of soda. (I no longer drink sodas, though... except now for an occasional Zevia Zero calorie soda in the root beer flavor.)

And I just scarfed down my Thursday lunch special... (Marie Calender's) Chicken Pot Pie. Haha! Don't ask me why...but I've been stuck on these for about 3 months. So delicious! I eat them on Thursdays...and try to eat healthier on other days. Ha!

What is your favorite lunch? Do tell! Shoot me an email! :D

Okay, so let's get on to business!

Here is a new devotional for you...

Our Spiritual Checklist (READ or LISTEN)



I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Keep walking in faith,

Rhonda White