[HCH] Nope NEVER again, Plus, a Link to the New Devotional

Feb 25, 2021 9:45 pm

Hello busy ladies,

I printed out my email yesterday to keep track of the personal changes that I need to make for my devotional blog.

Mouth open wide... It was FIVE pages long! I said to myself, NEVER AGAIN will I send out such a long email.

I'm sincerely sorry. My mind was on a mad mission to make some necessary changes, and I got overly caught up in sharing all the why's of the details.

In the future, I will just send the summary info of any yearly changes to be made. Sigh.

I have DECIDED that I should keep this subscriber list open here for now and will only use this list that you're on to send out a SUPER QUICK email that there is a new devotional ready for you. (Mostly on Thursdays.) No other fluff.

That new devotional today is here: https://herchristianhome.com/are-you-a-true-follower-of-jesus/


Want to still hear me ramble?

Now, for those who are interested to still connect with my weekly ramblings, I updated my newsletter sign-up page to make it a bit clearer on what I'm asking you to sign up for.


"Join the journey! I chat about personal hurdles, small wins, and my creative works. The BEST fun I'll have is sharing my doodles & word games for your own creative uses...and take a whack at sparking your own creativity while I'm punching my laptop keys."

So, you can sign up if you're interested. Please be interested. Ha! ha!

(By the way, my content comes fully to your INBOX, you do NOT have to remember another place online to visit... And that BEATS the social media chaos! LOL!)

But, it will probably be at least a couple of posts a week initially until I get some content built up in there. I will probably be digging into some of my older archives and placing a few pieces on there.

Here's the link: https://createwithme.substack.com/

P.S. Some people are afraid of clicking on email links.... if that is your case, just shoot me an email at rhondawhite@outlook.com and ask me to insert your email to receive the future posts.

Keep walking in faith,

Rhonda White