[HCH] Let's Learn to Communicate Better!

Feb 10, 2021 10:12 pm

Hello lovely ladies,

It's so FREEZING cold outside, and it's so slick... you'll slide a mile away with one step! No need for ice skates! LOL Anyway, if your area is icy, please do take extra caution.

Our little dog, Zoey, seems to have a bad cold, too. I don't think she's ever come down with any cough this bad...so that tells you how cold it is for her to go out and do her job. Poor baby! 

On Monday evening, we had a special guest, Pastor Scott Hanks, come in town to share some words for our mini marriage seminar.

He chose a perfect topic... Communication

What a great thing to improve in your marriage, with your children, OR, with any relationship for that matter!

I thought I would just share with you some of the main points from the worksheet he gave us:

A. Communication is a matter of character. (He shared the story of Nabal and Abigail -- Abigail was a good communicator.) (I Samuel 25:3, 17)

B. Communication causes people to be good to us. (I Sam. 35:15-16)

C. Communication allows for forgiveness. (I Sam. 25:23-35)

D. Communication brings future blessings. (I Sam. 25:39-42) Abigail became a king's wife because she communicated well.

>> How can I be communicative?

A. Have frequent times that the family is together (meals, family altar, activity)

B. Be present. (emotionally, mentally, physically)

C. Work, play, eat and relax together.

D. Talk more than you text or email. 

(The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.)

E. Listen when they are talking.

>> Practical things to communicate: 

A. Your Schedule

B. Your Expectations

C. Your Appreciation

D. Your Goals

E. Your Finished Day

F. Your Prayer Requests

G. Your Ministry

Well, this is something I want to work on this year. I hope it was a blessing to you as well, in some way.

Keep Walking in FAITH,

Rhonda White (rhondawhite@outlook.com)

~ The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I Corinthians 16:23 KJV


**This Week's Devotional**

Jesus Reaches Out to All



7 Journal Jots: (Use these ideas for your journal or ministry)

- Focus on your "responsibility" rather than your "rights."

- Problems are nothing more than an opportunity for improvement.

- Keep things in perspective. And, sometimes, it's necessary to see things from a "different" perspective. Note: A godly friend can usually help you see things from a brighter perspective.

- 3 Important Keys to saying what you need to say: 1. Say it at a right time. 2. Right place. 3 Right way.

- God is in the Possible Ministry!

- "A tisket, a tasket, God loves to fill our basket." - Christian Womanhood Magazine (*See Psalms 68:19)

*QUESTION: Are you maturing as a Christian? What actions are you doing to mature? God doesn't want us to be baby Christians forever. He wants us to grow up!


New Bible Reading Schedule 

*Side note: It's not necessary to print... you can simply bookmark the new Bible schedule. OR --Print only the pages you want. Feel free to download it to your own device.



Bible Verse of the Week:

“O love the LORD, all ye his saints: for the LORD preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.” 

– Psalm 31:23 kjv


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