[HCH] Update News About HCH. Please read.

Jul 06, 2022 7:11 pm

Hello friends,

I've been hosting HCH blog for over 10 years. I've lost track now. LOL The time has come to turn a new chapter in my life. For this reason, I will discontinue my writing ministry. 

There are a few reasons for this...

First, I'm entering a new season of my life. My parents are looking to move here locally because they are at the point they are going to need more of my help in their aged years. I want sufficient time to be available.

I don't think I have a lot of time left with my dad, and I don't want to miss out on being "present in the moment" with him because I need to get home to do some writing. (I'm a very slow writer, so many times it takes me longer than it should.)

Another reason is that my husband is really struggling. He may need to eventually find an easier job, but that would mean less pay. He seems to be wanting more of my help financially, so I will continue doing some online projects to sell artwork and printables, etc. in my free time...but this will allow me lots of flexibility when I'm extra busy since I won't have to worry about a "writing schedule".

Thirdly, I've just been feeling the pull to end it. I have prayed about it, and contemplated some other options, but when it really boils down to the nitty-gritty.... I do believe it's time to close this chapter of my life.

I thought about keeping my Wednesday Journal Jots going but realize that this would just be me keeping my toe in the water...a string attached... and I have peace that it's time to shut the faucet off with "writing schedules".

I have a sad heart about this...and yet I have a new peace that I haven't felt in a long time with this decision. I think I knew for a while now but didn't want to officially pull the plug.

I will probably let HCH blog just sit to be read by wandering website visitors for a while... I may also compile some of the devotionals into a Kindle Book for Amazon and then shut my blog down... I'm not sure yet. ??

Two sources I can quickly recommend for devotionals are:



Each of you have been a true blessing to me... and if you've just recently subscribed, I'm sorry to so quickly pull the plug on you. It is truly time to start a new chapter..so I must say my "good-byes."

I wish all of you well. Love, hugs & prayers!

Keep Walking in FAITH,

Rhonda White

~ The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I Corinthians 16:23 KJV