A New Beginning at the Haven Village in Tennesee

Oct 23, 2023 6:23 pm


Haven Village Vastu Hemple

We have always known that the Haven Earth model is about creating a bridge to a different way of living on the land, and one that supports a transition back to the land, beyond the old systems that are fracturing and breaking down. Developing a strategy, design, and masterplan that honors and is attuned to the land has been a huge part of how we are developing the nature that is now a part of the Haven Village Land Trust


Inherently we understand that design is key to the success of our endeavours on the land. In fact, it is nature and our unseen connections that are inherently leading us to our decisions. One of these promptings has come to us in the form of Vastu, the ancient Indian Vedic science of temple building. 

In India, they say don't live in a city unless it has a temple - not because of worship but rather the understanding that the design, proportions, dimensions, and materials of these structures are working to harmonize and balance the energy of the locale, and of the human structures located within it, and inevitably the inhabitants. 

Vastu utilizes a grid oriented on the magnetic axis of the earth and the cosmos and we have utilized this ancient science to better understand the land, and the energies that flow upon and through the land here at the Haven Village in Tennessee. We sense that this undertaking helps to support us as we develop the land, and has formed the backbone for the masterplan we have created.

The first permanent structure we will build on the land is a Gerba Vastu structure that will anchor in the vision and frequency that we intend for the property. We have worked closely with a Vastu design consultant to develop a design for this structure and held a puja ceremony with our members in September to activate the land and are planning to build the structure in the Spring of 2024. The ceremony felt auspicious, and everyone was inspired and touched by the level of intentionality, consciousness and beauty that was shared.


Aside from the Vastu project, we continue to focus on building healthy hemp homes as we host a variety of training for those looking to master the art of natural building as we begin our residential member builds in the spring. Many joined us on the land and planted their personal dream seeds during the hemp block demo that will become part of the energy fence to surround the hemple - which will be the first hemp Vastu structure in the US. What an auspicious way to share this ceremony with our members on the Equinox. 

Equinox Member Activation


Stay tuned for weekly updates from the land as well as dates for our Spring workshop series for all things natural building!

Coming Soon! The opportunity to book a weekend reservation in our Tiny Hemp Home to experience a HEALTHY HEMP HOME firsthand!

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

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